July 7, 2020
What is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary?

Traditional Gift : What is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary?

What is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary?


What can I give for a chintz wedding?

What to give to the husband on the first wedding anniversary?

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  • Original chintz wedding gifts
  • Chintz Wedding Products
  • What gifts can you make yourself

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An essential frontier of family relations, to which young spouses came, having managed to accumulate an individual experience of family life, is the first anniversary.

Loving couples, as a rule, arrange a celebration on this occasion: they invite guests and set the table.

What gifts are appropriate to give on the first anniversary of the family?

1. What can I give for a chintz wedding?

Symbol of the first anniversary of marriage is chintz.

It is a thin, brightly colored fabric that looks like the beginning of a family life.

Man and a woman are still hot, but the relationship is still very fragile.

Over the year of marriage, the couple went through many difficulties and delights of marriage, but the husband and wife are still called newlyweds. 

  • I believe that before the celebration of the first wedding anniversary, the couple are on probation. 
  • If they were able to pass it with dignity, preserving the family, they would present with symbolic presents.

Not only guests present young presents.

The spouses themselves give each other symbolic things.

2. What to give to the husband for a chintz wedding?

In honor of the year lived together, a woman can present her husband items made of chintz – thin and light material. As a presentation, beautiful sets of bed linen, napkins, articles of clothing, and other things can act.

3. What to give to the husband on the first wedding anniversary?

What to give to the husband on the first wedding anniversary?
What to give to the husband on the first wedding anniversary?

Considerable that the present for a year of living together be symbolic.

  • However, a gift to her husband for a chintz wedding does not have to made of this material. 
  • You can choose for your favorite item from more durable and practical textiles, for example, a warm blanket or curtains in his office. 

Also, for chintz wedding, it is appropriate to give clothes (preferably made of cotton). At the same time, you should focus on the current season:

Traditional gifts

Choosing what to give your husband for your wedding year is not too difficult, especially if you decide not to depart from tradition. 

  • In olden times, young people who lived together for a year handed each other a bright scarf made of chintz.
  • At the ends of the products, the couple tied knots and, turning to each other, swore love and fidelity.

If you wish, you can conduct such a ceremony. Invite relatives and friends who will witness your oaths, and then set the table for them with treats.

what is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary? The main requirement for a gift in honor of the first wedding anniversary is that it should express your concern for your spouse. What to give a husband a traditional chintz wedding:

·      A set of bath towels

If you embroider the name of your husband in the corners.

The product, then put your soul, is a gift.

·      Tablecloth

Such a gift from chintz will remind the family of the past holiday whenever you start to set the table.

·      Pillow

You can order an original product with a printed joint photo and an anniversary date.

·      Underwear

Such a gift belongs to the category of practical. Therefore it will be not only symbolic but also useful.

·      Bedding set

You can buy not only chintz products but also silk or cotton.

·      Scarf

With this presentation, a woman will express her feelings for her husband.

·      Plaid

Do not come up with a more comfortable gift. It will be appropriate to give a plaid for a chintz wedding, which celebrate in winter.

·      Photo on canvas

A new version of the present for the anniversary is a joint shot printed on canvas and placed in a beautiful frame.

·      Portrait

You can give your favorite portrait, made in an unusual technique. 

Besides, contemporary artists can interestingly portray your husband. Such a gift will become an interior decoration.

·      Fabric postcard or envelope

Such a symbolic present perfectly complements the primary offering. In honor of the summer celebration, it is worth giving a T-shirt or t-shirt; for a winter anniversary, an insulated shirt is an excellent gift.

Original wedding gifts

In honor of the holiday, you can present your spouse something original, not necessarily symbolic. 

Also, if you invite guests, you can create an entertainment program, hold exciting contests, and have fun.

Such a day is guaranteed to be remembered by the newlyweds for years of family life. What to give your beloved husband for chintz wedding:


  • mini-billiards – a fan of this game will like it (an alternative would be table football or hockey);
  • breakfast table – you can hand it over by serving it beautifully and serving breakfast to your beloved right in bed;
  • a traveler will like a globe or picture for a traveler who wants to visit new places;
  • home planetarium – it is worth giving it to your husband if he is fond of astronomy or just a romantic;
  • photo collage of your favorite collaborative shots;
  • a presentation impression such as a glider flight will be a great surprise for a young guy who likes extreme sports;
  • a safe made in the form of a book will appeal to a security lover;
  • the game for lovers will not only please the husband but also refresh the feelings of the spouses;
  • a set of seasonings and spices from different places of the planet will serve as a beautiful gift for a man who loves to cook;

what is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary? The lock with the names will become a symbolic anniversary present (think over the inscription in advance and order the work to a specialist who will be able to perform beautiful engraving);

Fashionable watches emphasize the man’s style and become an original present if engraved on them with the anniversary date.

Wedding Products

What can I give for a chintz wedding? 

what is the traditional gift for a first year wedding anniversary? Choosing the right thing, it is worth starting from the main character of the date, so for the year of family relations, it is preferable to present products from chintz.

Since this material is not durable, it is permissible to choose some products from other, more reliable, and secure documents. What to give a spouse for a chintz wedding:

  • items of clothing from chintz (stores rarely offer such things, so it is advisable to order tailoring in the studio);
  • towels, bed linen;
  • interior items such as napkins and tablecloths;
  • a set of diapers and vests, if the family is expecting a baby.

What gifts can you make yourself

 Things that were created by oneself are always more valued, especially when it comes to a gift from a beloved woman.

What can I give my husband for chintz wedding:

  • beaded picture;
  • Hand-made sweets;
  • a talisman-amulet made for the spouse;
  • homemade cake or pastries that your spouse loves;
  • knitted sweater or scarf;
  • author’s poem;
  • A picture you painted or a portrait of your beloved.


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