July 7, 2020
What is a Good cheap anniversary gift?

What is a Good cheap anniversary gift? : The Ultimate Guide

What is a Good cheap anniversary gift?


Cheap anniversary gifts is an essential event in the life of a married couple. 

It is especially significant if the “newlyweds” are close to the congratulating people and have lived together for many years. What is a Good cheap anniversary gift?

Before the solemn date, many loving children often face the question: what to give parents on their wedding anniversary.

What is customary to give for a wedding anniversary of parents?

Choosing a cheap wedding anniversary gift for parents is not always an easy task.

Especially if the wedding date is round – in fact, in such cases, it is customary to give objects that correspond to the theme of the anniversary.

1. Porcelain

The name of the data speaks for itself. The relationship of the spouses to this moment of marriage becomes strong and multifaceted, like the most beautiful porcelain cup.

·      On this day, parents are encouraged to present a gift made of this material. 

A quality china service usually given.

However, there may be some difficulties. For example, a porcelain service has long been firmly establish in the parental home. In such cases, you can dream up and present:

  • a vase; 
  • Circles ashtrays; 
  • Personalized dishes.

Tip. An unusual cheap gift for the 20th anniversary of the wedding of parents will be a cake decorated with figures of the bride and groom. 

The latter can made of porcelain. 

Such a gift will flatter the taste of the gourmet newlyweds.

2. Silver

We are living together – a quarter-century, considerable experience.

What to give parents for a silver wedding? 

As it became clear from the name of the date, silverware presented to spouses on this day. It can be:

  • Silver medals. The number 25 can engrave on the surface. Such a gift will long remind spouses of a memorable day. 
  • Silver cutlery
  • And although for the debts of the years spent in marriage, spouses usually make a lot of good, not everyone has silver devices.

3. Pearl

What can parents give for their pearl cheap gifts wedding anniversary? 

Of course, you can traditionally give pearl jewelry, but this option usually left for the exchange of gifts to the spouses themselves.

  • As alternative presents, silk products are suitable. 
  • This material imitates the luster of pearls. 
  • A silk bedspread, pillow, or linen set is a great wedding anniversary gift for parents.

4. Coral wedding

On this significant day, spouses presented with everything that in any way connected with corals.

And since finding such a product can be problematic, any items in red are suitable.

  • A coral wedding is also called linen. 
  • Therefore, a gift for terry towels or bathrobes is an excellent alternative. It is best if they are coral in color.

5. Rubies (or garnets)

Traditionally, products from rubies (or garnets) presented on the 40th anniversary of living together.

·      You can also offer a practical gift, for example, household appliances in ruby ​​red color. 

What else can parents give for a ruby ​​wedding? 

A bottle of fine wine of a brilliant ruby ​​color will become a table decoration and will flatter the taste of the “newlyweds.”

6. Sapphire

On this holiday, you can bring everything related to sapphire. Bracelet with this stone is ideal for mom, and cufflinks for father.

Watches made in sapphire shade, bed linen of saturated dark blue color are also suitable as a gift.

Tip. If the gift has already purchased, but it in no way connected with sapphire, you can pack it in a beautiful dark blue wrapper

7. Golden

Lived side by side is a serious matter. And a gift for such a date should be stable.

What to give parents for a golden wedding? 

A cheap gift for a golden wedding to parents can be present as follows:

  • Portrait of spouses enclosed in a golden frame. 
  • Gold rings. 
  • Gild souvenirs and figurines.

It is interesting. 

Few people know that there is a fascinating tradition associated with the 50th anniversary of living together. According to her, the eldest of the children was to give a golden scarf.

Which will cover the head of the mother? 

This idea can note in deciding what can give to parents for a golden wedding. Currently, factory shawls with Lurex most often used.

8. Presentations from the daughter

It believed that women show more imagination in choosing gifts. A daughter can present the following wedding anniversary gift to parents:

Two identical warm plaids made of natural wool. 

  • Orthopedic pillows are beautiful thoughts. 
  • Warm blanket. 
  • Carpet for the bedroom. 
  • Beautiful curtains.

9. Presentations from the son


As you know, men are usually more practical than women.

For the son, the period for a holiday with a bouquet is considered an acceptable option. 

Mom will undoubtedly like the exquisite orchid in the pot, and her father will get a gift related to his hobby or professional activity.

10. Emotion Gifts

If the perfect gift options are boring, it’s time to present something new, daring, and unexpected: Romantic voyage.

Undoubtedly, the spouses who lived together for a long time have memorable routes, favorite places. 

You should find out more about this and give them a ticket to a place that they remember with exceptional warmth.

  • Cartoon style drawing. If parents react with humor to this venture, then they will undoubtedly appreciate the cheerful illustration. 
  • Laughter, as you know, prolongs life. 
  • Newspapers created by order. 
  • Its contents filled with stories of anniversaries and their photographs. 
  • A photo collage. 
  • If the couple loves outdoor activities, they can present with a hot air balloon ride, a boat ride, and trips to the mountains or a diving session.

11. Budget Gift Options

Sometimes there is no opportunity to give an expensive present – temporary or permanent financial difficulties affect it.

In such cases, you can give an inexpensive gift; the most important thing is that it chose with the soul.

So, items from the list are suitable as budget presents:

  • A pair of coffee cups. A photo frame with a photo of spouses inserted into it. Candlesticks of the original form. 
  • Box of delicious sweets, cake. Pillows with printed images of spouses. 
  • Products from natural stones.


12. DIY Wedding Anniversary

Handicrafts are always more valuable than multiple “cloned” store designs.

So why not create a gift for your next wedding anniversary to your beloved parents with your own hands?

Of course, they will be delighted with the product, made, as they say, with the soul.

So, with your own hands, you can make gifts such as:

  • Hand knitted blanket. Photo album with photos of the spouses. 
  • Holiday poster or newspaper. 
  • A song of her own. 
  • Cake (pie), explicitly baked for the celebration. 
  • Younger grandchildren can make these. 
  • Products can be made using scrapbooking or quilting techniques. 
  • Masterclasses of unusual greeting cards can found on the Internet.

13. congratulate parents on their wedding anniversary


So, the gift is selected and even packed, it remains only to hand it to the newlyweds.

These can be traditionally done both during the festive feast, and resort to more creative options: 

  • Courier delivery. Variations are possible here: Plain traditional delivery.
  • To the congratulations of the spouses, you can connect random passers-by (if you agree) or family friends with a shout.
  • The latter from the street will recite congratulations and wishes to the newlyweds.

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