July 7, 2020
Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

100+ Modern & Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts : The Ultimate Guide

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts



Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts original gift to friends on the golden wedding anniversary?

  •  parents on the 50th golden wedding anniversary? 
  • What to give grandparents for a golden wedding? 
  • Original DIY gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary Payments for a golden wedding from the state what flowers give for a golden wedding?


The anniversary date of the anniversary obliges those invited to the celebration to make a unique gift for the spouses.

What give to a married couple for a golden wedding? 

There is something to choose from.

  • gift to each of the spouses or a common one for the couple as a whole.
  •  golden anniversary customary to give everything that is done or covered with gold.
  • It connects the name of the anniversary.

But this is an optional condition. 

When choosing a gift, you need to take into account the nature and wishes of the “young”. 

  • Those who have everything will need unusual, original gifts. 
  • Economic people should present something useful and practical. 
  • With a young soul, you can give a disk with your favourite songs from the youth of anniversaries.

“It is easier for children of a married couple than someone else to make a gift to anniversaries for a golden wedding.”

Since there is a tradition of updating household items on a golden anniversary. 

Traditional 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts It is possible to present anniversaries new sets of home textiles: pillows, bedspreads or rugs, bedding, or a pair of bath towels.

You can also give dishes – a tea or coffee service, a set of champagne glasses with gold dusting or pair of wedding glasses with engraved anniversaries.

A gilded wall clock or an original candlestick will also be appropriate.

Gold jewellery for the wife and gold cufflinks for the husband is an excellent gift option that matches the status and the venerable age of the couple.

Here, for example, is a set of gold earrings with a diamond ring.

A worthy gift for an aged woman!

Even inexpensive jewellery will delight your spouse. You can give a man curly gold cufflinks or a tie pin.

1. original gift to friends on the golden wedding anniversary

An unusual and symbolic gift for friends on their 50th wedding anniversary is goldfish in an aquarium.

Fish as pets is quite unpretentious.

However, it’s still better for anniversaries to present with the gift everything they need:

It is a special filter for water, pebbles and decorations, fish food, and give general recommendations for grooming.

  • For a married couple, you can order a portrait from the artist. 
  • In order not to spoil the surprise and not make people pose, you can ask to paint a picture from a photograph. 
  • A real work of art in a frame will surely please jubilees.

“Religious people can be presented with a gold-plated icon or small pendants with icons of the patron saints of the couple.”

You can give your family a subscription to a theater, a philharmonic.

It is a museum, a vacation ticket to a sanatorium, a gift certificate in a hobby store, or a voucher for dinner for two in a restaurant.

  • Of course, such gifts will suit those couples who love outdoor activities. 
  • Couch potatoes should buy something for the home. 
  • You can present memorable souvenirs to familiar anniversaries in the form of gold medals, commemorative coins, and other attributes of the celebration.

2.  parents on the 50th golden wedding anniversary

New wedding rings are considered to be a traditional gift from children to parents.

There is also a tradition that a son or daughter present a scarf.

A gold embroidery to her mother as a thank you.

·      There are a considerable number of options and ideas for a gift to parents; they differ only in budget!

3. grandparents for a golden wedding

Grandchildren can make a home wall newspaper as a gift by pasting home photos there or by the same principle make a family tree by writing all family members there.

  • Diplomas and humorous diplomas made by oneself will also be a touching gift, with a share of humour. 
  • To retouch or restore old family photos from the archive in the printing salon by inserting them into an album is a great gift idea. 
  • Having saved moments memorable for grandparents in a beautiful photo book – older people will appreciate such a gesture. 
  • It has a photo book is a beautiful gift, especially if you leave a space in it for new family photos. 

You can present it with a camera so that the “young” can replenish the book themselves.

Grandchildren can draw a family portrait, no matter how good or bad it turns out, the main thing is that the picture was from the heart.”

The younger generation does not require something too expensive or incredible, rather cute, memorable souvenirs.

  • You can make a souvenir watch on order: on the clock, an engraving of the names of the heroes of the occasion done! 
  • On the watch, you can write the year of the wedding and the year of the celebration of the golden anniversary.

Original DIY gifts for the 50th wedding anniversary

A collage of photos or a prepared presentation is a good idea for amateur performances, but this is not limited to the choice of what can made as a gift.

“Any needlework technique is suitable for creation; the main thing is to weave the symbolism of the celebration into the design: add gilding or anniversary numbers.”

Knitted mittens and scarves, decorative pillows with embroidery, a jewellery box decorated with decoupage, or a basket of newspaper tubes – you can do anything.

  • The main thing is that the craft looks neat. 
  • Young guests can make postcards from multi-coloured cardboard or origami from paper.
  • In the role of a wedding gift can make a cake or pie made by yourself.
  • Children enter with making edible decorations and figures for a pie made of dough or mastic. 
  • It is better to choose the filling light, not sugary, with the addition of fruits and natural ingredients.

4. What flowers give for a golden wedding?

Anniversary – occasion to give flowers.

·      A lush bouquet of yellow roses or lilies from 51 flowers will touch the spouse.


The bouquet should present in a large basket or a vase with a gold border.

  • You can present flowers made of polymer clay or porcelain – this is a good substitute for fresh flowers. 
  • The bouquet does not have to consist only of roses or tulips. You can make a whole floristic composition interspersed with different colours. 
  • In flower shops, ready-made floral options are available. 
  • It can ask the florist to create a unique bouquet design for the anniversary.

The bouquet can be a copy of the wedding flowers of the newlywed from the wedding ceremony. 

To find the exact combination and decoration, you need to check photos from the wedding or ask those who attended the ceremony.


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