July 7, 2020
Silver Wedding Anniversary gifts

25th Silver Wedding Anniversary gifts : The Ultimate Guide

Silver Wedding Anniversary gifts


The silver wedding is a significant anniversary – of course, you want to present the anniversary of this special celebration and unique gifts.

Finding a creative, fancy silver wedding gift is not easy, so here are some great suggestions and ideas. Let yourself be inspired!

Our tip:

It is best to partner with family members or friends to buy a high-quality silver wedding gift. Ensures that the couple enjoy it for a long time.

1. 1st silver wedding newspaper

1st silver wedding newspaper
1st silver wedding newspaper

This critical period of the 25 years of marriage can capture wonderfully.

Of course, you have to collect a lot of material, but then the design of a chic and high-quality newspaper for the silver wedding is straightforward – and will bring the anniversary couple tears in the eye.

The silver wedding newspaper should not be missing from our series “Gifts for the Silver Wedding.”

2. Wedding bench with personal engraving

The unique feature of this high-quality wedding bank is that the first names of the couple and the magic number 25 can be engraved.

Thus, the wedding bench can beautify the garden, the terrace, or the house entrance and also serves as a practical bench.

The wedding bank will remind the couple days of the shared ups and downs of the last 25 years.

3. Stylish furnishings made of silver

Silver Wedding Anniversary gifts Of course, gifts made of silver or silver-plated are perfect as a silver wedding gift. 

In everyday life again and again to the silver wedding, so much the better.


Silver cutlery, silver-plated picture frames, silver candle holders, silver-plated tiered, or silver bowls are the perfect match. Of course, there are no limits to your imagination here.

For more high-quality gifts from silver, you can look at an example.

Since silver is known to be valuable, of course, the gifts of silver or silvered gifts are a bit more expensive.

But they keep their value for a long time and are therefore great to give away if you want to remember this day for a long time.

4. Decorative photo 25

A beautiful gift for the silver wedding of the parents, for which you have to pick out some photos. For this, you get a unique of pictures in a 25. Very decorative, for hanging or setting up.

5. Sparkling light picture, “25.”

Anyone who wants to surprise and marvel at the jubilation couple for the Silver Wedding uses pyrotechnics.

Like a firework, for example, the impressive image of the light lights up.

The numbers 2 and 5 – it ignites in front of all the guests.

Sixty seconds burn down the numbers like the most beautiful New Year’s Eve fireworks and will be the highlight of the silver wedding celebration.

6. 6th wedding lantern


Romantic candlelight is a perfect match for the silver wedding – primarily when staged in a single wedding lantern with your name and wedding date.

In addition to the name and date, the lettering “Silver Wedding – 25 years” is also engraved. 

7. Personalized doormat

A funny gift for the silver wedding, which is allowed to “trample” the anniversary couple, is the personalized silver wedding doormat.

The high-quality doormat will give the names of the couple and the wedding date, embedded in a chic design. 

The personal imprint makes this doormat guaranteed to be a real eye-catcher.

8. Photo album in a metallic look

For the silver wedding, practically everything fits in silver, like this classic but very noble photo album.

It is high-quality bound and offers plenty of space for great memories from the past 25 years.


You can personalize the photo album if you fill the first few pages with some beautiful photos and write a few words about it.

9. Personalized slate heart


As a silver wedding gift, the heart is a special symbol for 25 happy years of marriage.

·    The decorative slate in heart shape adorns the heading “25 years”. 

Also, the first names of the anniversary couple and the wedding date engrave – so the gift for the silver wedding is particularly personal and unique.

Natural charm provide by the cord with which the dark heart hung.

10. Crosswords of a true love


In 25 years of marriage, the jubilee couple has experienced a lot and will love to remember it.

 And how could one do that better than with individual questions in a crossword of a marriage?

Funny and unusual questions, beautiful and almost forgotten questions – this silver wedding gift is so personal that the two will love it!

11. 13th cartoon from wedding photo


A funny and unusual idea as a gift for the silver wedding: Make a caricature of the anniversary couple and print on canvas.

Experienced artists turn the wedding photo into a real caricature and lavishly stage the couple.

In any case, such an individual caricature is a special gift that will inspire enthusiasm.

12. Funny photo gifts


Are you well-received photos of the couple’s 25 years of marriage? 

Then create an extraordinary photo gift! It can be, for example, a memory game with motifs from the 25 years.

Or you can give away a puzzle from your favorite family photo for the silver wedding.

Variation three: You get photos of the closest confidants of the to make an individual quartet, where you can also determine the categories themselves and make funny.

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