July 7, 2020
Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents

30+ Cute Imperial Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents : The Ultimate Guide

Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents


Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents Imagine: The whole family gathers in the grandparents’ house. You are wearing your Christmas pajamas set with aunts, uncles, and cousins ​​together around the Christmas tree.

  • They share each other’s emotion when they open the gift they were waiting for contributions. 
  • Maybe adults even enjoy a few minutes to drink their coffee in peace while the children are absorbed in their new toys.

Okay, probably not this the perfect shot.

But even the quietest Christmas mornings can be eclipsed a few hours later when you try to put that new remote control helicopter in your already overloaded suitcase.

Do not worry, my friend. 

· You can eliminate that extra stress from your vacation by making sure that your preschooler’s Christmas wish list includes gifts that easily fit in your luggage back home.

You don’t have to sacrifice Christmas joy just because the trunk of the truck is already full to the brim.

1. Christmas gifts for preschool children to travel: Give an experience

Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents The Great way to make sure that your preschooler’s Christmas gifts fit in your suitcase is to ask for tips that are not physical objects.

The gifts an experience are a great way to stimulate curiosity and adventure in your preschoolers without taking up a suitcase.

(More space for pajamas or game!)

And the best part? 

They are not toys that will inevitably end up collecting dust on the shelf in the playroom in February. *Punch*

·      Annual ticket to the local zoo or museum

A gift that your preschooler will enjoy countless times throughout the year.

·      A set of music classes (piano, voice, guitar)

Encourage him in his musical interests.

·      Gift certificate for the local indoor play area

Double as a gift for mom and dad by providing free entertainment during those long snow days!

·      Try a subscription to Audible! 

Encourage your budding readers with access to a library of audiobooks to enjoy their books in their mind.

2. Christmas gifts for preschool children to travel: Gifts that keep on giving

Monthly subscription boxes are another Christmas gift idea for preschoolers who travel with ease.

Gifts will deliver to your door monthly, so you have nothing to pack in your suitcase. And come on, who doesn’t like to receive mail?

There are an incredible number of subscription boxes for today’s children, for all ages and all different interests, so you can be sure to find the perfect table for your preschooler.

·      Kiwi Co

Full of age-appropriate science and art projects.

·      Green Kid Crafts 

Presenting projects and crafts focused on MECHANICAL toys.

·      Small Passports 

Let your preschooler explore the world from his own home!

·      Ann Williams Crafts 

The monthly “surprise box” gives you everything you need. (The hunting of glue points or scissors is over!)

·      GiftLit 

Receive a personalized book (based on age and preferences) every month.

·      Kidpik 

For girls interested in fashion, a new suit from head to toe every month!

3. Christmas gifts for preschool children to travel: Gifts that fit in the corners of the suitcase

Well, now I turn to the elephant in the room.

Preschool Christmas Gifts For Parents Children love opening gifts. And many relatives (* ahem * grandparents) like to give tips for parents. It’s a couple made in heaven.

Sometimes we feel overwhelmed thinking where we are going to store all the new toys. 

But remember that some of the best Christmas memories for your children.

Their grandparents come from opening presents together.

Traveling during the holidays does not mean that all gifts are off the table.

Of course, Barbie Dream House does not fit in your carry-on luggage, but there are plenty of preschool Christmas gifts that will delight your child without putting them above the weight limit of the suitcase.

Look for items that can crush a little or that are small enough to fit in the corners.

·      Paw Patrol, stuffed puppies : 

It is easy to pack, but your preschooler can insist on taking it with him throughout the trip back home.

·      Construction vehicles Pull Back : 

Endless fun for your preschool child who loves cars.

·      Trolls ‘Poppy’ Plush : 

This soft and adorable ‘Poppy’ from the Trolls movie will be the delight of your preschooler.

·      Hatchimals CollEGGtibles : 

Help the eggs to “hatch” and find an adorable toy inside!

·      Marvel Super Heroes set of 10 : 

These superheroes are the perfect size to sneak into the corners of the right luggage.

4. Christmas gifts for preschool children to travel: Gifts for the trip home

And for the ultra-practical advice: ask for gifts that your preschooler can use on the trip home. 

A practical gift that you can put into immediate use, and that will help entertain your preschooler while traveling. That, my friends, is win-win.

  • Amazonas Fire tablet for kids
  • Headphones with a splitter headset for siblings
  • Markers and paper scroll set
  • Travel Magnetic Tangram Game
  • My Little Pony sweatshirt
  • Your suitcase

5. Have a Merry Christmas!

It is no hidden that traveling during the holidays can be stressful. (Underestimate of the year)But, especially once you have children, it is definitely worth the trip and spend a particular time with the family.

Make sure your preschooler’s wish list is full of Christmas gifts to travel, it means you can make memories of Christmas mornings without the imminent fear of packing for the trip back home.

So go ahead, put on that extra jacket. You have a room!        

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