July 7, 2020
Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

50+ Hot & Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Ideas : The Ultimate Guide

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts


Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Couples already celebrating their golden wedding can rightly be proud of their marriage! 

50th years together have to be duly observed, and the jubilation pair on the wedding day, of course, be generously presented.

We have put together some beautiful and unusual ideas for Golden Wedding Gifts for you.

Let yourself be inspired and make the proud couple a great joy by choosing something that fits them perfectly.

Practical 50th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For more significant gifts, it is quite common for friends or family to band together and hand over a gift to celebrate the Golden Wedding.

Turning 50 years of marriage is an achievement, and surely there are many lessons we can learn from such long-standing relationships.

Let yourself inspire by our gift ideas for the Golden Wedding.

It is helpful if the present is personal, made of gold or golden engraving.

Here are our golden wedding gift ideas, which are also ideal for parents’ golden wedding:

1. Wedding bench with personal engraving

Sitting on the bench together and watching the family, or just hanging out together – that’s how many people imagine aging with their dream partner.

Perfect if the anniversary couple can enjoy the time in the garden on their own, high-quality wedding bench. 

The best part: It is provided with the first names of the couple and the magical 50 and thus an extraordinary gift for the golden wedding.

2. 2nd wedding lantern

An individual wedding lantern engraved with your name and wedding date ensures a romantic and cozy atmosphere – a beautiful reminder of your married years together!

Additionally, the lettering “Golden wedding – 50 years” is engraved. You can determine the size, and it is variable from 36 cm height to 70 cm height.

A very romantic example of gifts for a golden wedding and other anniversaries.

3. Personal doormat

Guests may quietly be alerted to this unique accomplishment by a couple celebrating the Golden Wedding, such as a personal doormat with the couple’s name and wedding date, and a massive 50 in the middle.

The doormat is processed high quality, dirt-resistant, and long-lasting.

Finally, the personal imprint makes this doormat a very own gift for the golden wedding.

4. Individual flower pot as a gift to the gold wedding

If you like flowers, you will love this gift! The big flower pot is designed by yourself.

There are many beautiful templates available to add your text and pictures.

·    Creative and decorative!

5. Glass bottle with cavity

You can hand over a special kind of bottle mail to this jubilee couple with this glass bottle.

Write about with a golden marker still individual wishes on the bottle and put a coupon.

A dedication or a spell or your money gift into it – so creates an ultimately successful gift for the gold wedding, the beautiful could hardly present.

6. Pillows with your name

Which couple do not like to sit together on the sofa? 

The icing on the cake for relaxing hours are fluffy pillows with your name.

For the golden wedding, give both spouses a fancy pillow with their first names and in the respective favorite color.

So both have a practical cuddly pillow that reminds them of the beautiful celebration of the Golden Wedding and accompanies every day.

7. Treasure chest as a money gift Golden wedding

This engraved treasure chest made of wood is the ideal packaging for your money gift for the golden wedding.

You can have both the first name of the bride and groom and the wedding and jubilee year individually inserted.

8. Picture frame as a money box

The anniversary couple has a big wish that it wants to fulfill? 

For dream travel and Co., you can surely enjoy the two with financial support. If the whole family folds for it, a fancy accessory offers to hand over the money.

The picture frame with golden letters is best suited to house the cash till it is needed.

9. Engraved anchor as a gold wedding gift

A beautiful little thing that the couple will enjoy every day in the future is such a beautiful decoration for the Golden Wedding.

The anchor made of wood individually provide with first name and wedding date or anniversary date.

Very romantic and thus ideal as a gift from the husband to the wife of the Golden Wedding suitable: The golden rose as a symbol of wonderful and related 50 years.

10. A restored photo or canvas

Surely your grandparents or the couple celebrating their golden wedding has many memories of that day. 

Most of them will surely be old photographs. An idea to give at a gold wedding is to request one of those photographs previously, send it to restore it, or pass it to a larger canvas, and you will see.

The face they will put on when they have their photography turned into a work of art is priceless!

11. A video

If the spouses are your grandparents, you can gather fragments of family videos and photos to make a short video that you can project at your celebration.

For grandparents who are not very similar to technology, this summary of family experiences is a grand gesture they will never forget.

12. A set of personalized towels


Although the most common is to embroider the initials, you can also choose to have the number 50 embroidered in golden threads.

If you do not know what to give at a gold wedding, you will not have to break your head, and it will also have a special meaning for them.

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