July 7, 2020
Marriage Anniversary Gifts

All in One Beautiful Marriage Anniversary Gifts : The Ultimate Guide

Marriage Anniversary Gifts


Although gold and silver weddings are the most popular, the truth is that each Marriage Anniversary Gifts is associated with a particular material.

It corresponds to an ancient tradition that also allows the search for gifts.

Since the wedding rings do not guarantee happiness, they must celebrate each anniversary every year they meet, and they reaffirm their commitment.

Therefore, regardless of how they celebrate it, whether, with a party or dedicating love phrases, they must never lose this custom that, for the rest, is rooted in a tradition of the German Middle Ages that they assign to each year a material.

In those days, if a marriage managed to reach the twenty-fifth anniversary, the wife received a silver crown, while if she reached the fifty-fifth, she received a gold crown.

These moments were known since then as silver weddings and golden weddings, although the tradition was not there. 

Over time more symbols were incorporated, progressing from the most sensitive to the most solid, as a mirror to what happens in a relationship.

  • Are you about to celebrate your first anniversary? 
  • Did you exchange gold rings five years ago? 
  • Are they approaching the decade? 

Whatever your case, here you will find inspiration to know what to give in the first ten years, according to each material.

First Anniversary: ​​Paper Weddings

The paper represents the fragility of the first year of marriage, while it is in this period where ties strength.

Therefore, if you want more cool looking for a more than expensive symbolic gift, take advantage of your manual skills and write a poem from your pen, then frame it in a picture that your husband or wife can hang in the corner of the house.

It may be a love poem, but also the lyrics of a romantic song that identifies them as a couple. The important thing is that the frame ensure that the paper will not be lost.

Second Anniversary: ​​Cotton Weddings

Cotton is a resistant and soft-touch textile fiber, as it is expected to be a couple two years after distributing their marriage tapes after declaring yes.

And in that line, although the most common gifts are usually cushions, towels, or some clothes, another entertaining option is to buy a set of cotton robes, one for each one, so that in the mornings they get combined.

Of course, you must personalize them with some specific detail, for example, with the nickname, some beautiful phrase of love, or with the initials of both embroidered.

Third Anniversary: ​​Leather Weddings

Leather symbolizes the durability of marriage in its third year and, although there are many options to give in this material, one with which they will succeed, without a doubt, is giving away a leather wallet.

Marriage Anniversary Gifts There are beautiful designs, both for men and women, and in leather of different colors to choose based on the tastes of your spouse. 

It is also an accessory for daily use, so the gift will not be stored forever in the corner of a drawer. Ah! And if you want to add a romantic touch, hide a photo of both in one of the cardholders.

Fourth Anniversary: ​​Linen Weddings


The comfort of a marriage in the fourth year represent through a material as versatile as linen.

  • Can’t think of what to give? 

While what you will find most is linen clothes, if you want to make a difference, then lean on a hat, which is a less recurring garment and is never too much for men or women.

Fifth Anniversary: ​​Wooden Weddings


If you have always wanted to give your husband or wife an instrument, let this anniversary be the perfect excuse!

·    In addition to the guitar, which is the most popular instrument, you will also find other wooden ones such as flutes, xylophones, or violins.

This material represents the strength, but also, the wisdom of moving forward and growing. What better message to motivate yourself to take a couple of music lessons.

Sixth Anniversary: ​​Iron Weddings                  

Iron Weddings   

A sign that love remains stable in the sixth year is to give away some iron. 

It is the first metal that appears on the list, and that will allow them to think about different options, such as some furniture, a collection piece, or a sculpture.

Just don’t forget to record a short love phrase on the base, in addition to the date of this sixth wedding anniversary.

Seventh Anniversary: ​​Wool Weddings


The warmth and protection provided by wool make it the perfect material to celebrate seven years since that day when they split their wedding cake.

And if it’s about getting the gift right, choose a garment that can be liked by the other person.

For example, if you grew up in the countryside, a huaso poncho will be very special, or if you like crafts, a scarf or a hand-woven wool piece will be ideal.

Eighth Anniversary: ​​Bronze Weddings


The bronze represents the solidity in which the relationship is at this point.

Pieces made of this metal will find many, but if you are looking for some especially delicate, then lean on a bronze plated pendant that can hang on a necklace or bracelet, and that has a special meaning.

It the symbol of infinity, a key, or a heart. Or can choose the same antique watches so that each one has a souvenir.

Ninth anniversary: ​​Clay weddings

Clay is a very versatile mineral, which is high use to work in crafts.

· However, if a figure does not convince them as an anniversary gift, they can organize, for example, a spa session that includes a spectacular massage and clay bath.

They will be very relaxed and angry to end the day with a romantic dinner.

Tenth Anniversary: ​​Aluminum Weddings


The first decade of marriage marks a symbolic date and aluminum, resistant and bright metal, is in charge of representing it.

Marriage Anniversary Gifts  Therefore, if they want to give something symbolic, they renew the wedding glasses they used ten years ago, giving away a new set of cups to toast.

  • In embossed aluminum, which is a technique that gives relief, you will find a variety of elegant designs and can even personalize them with their names or the date of the anniversary. 

It will be a detail that, without a doubt, they will want to show off in the window of their home.

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