July 7, 2020
Christmas gifts for Parents from Students

Cute DIY & Christmas gifts for Parents from Students : The Ultimate Guide

Christmas gifts for Parents from Students


Christmas gifts for Parents from Students Christmas Day is coming, and I find it much more helpful to make a gift with the kids than shopping at the mall. So much so that here at home, homemade gifts are tradition for special days.

  • Recently, Carol and I made a clay ornament to celebrate Grandparent’s Day, which was fun. 

If you agree with this line, or even if you are going to buy a gift, but want to give it a special touch, here are Christmas gifts ideas made by children for Christmas Day.

1. Board, I follow your steps

But you can use other materials, such as a canvas, to make a picture like this idea from the article. Dad will love to know that puppies follow in his footsteps.

2. Film I was hooked by Dad

From comes this cute idea of ​​making a picture in which the child’s hand becomes a fish hooked by daddy. Cute, right?

You can check out the step by step painting in this post here.

3. Care and beauty products

  •  Shaver 

From a man’s care routine, there is no shortage of shaving, so why not give your father a modern appliance that can be used for both dry and wet shaving when taking a bath or shower.

  • Beard trimmer

If your father is the type of beard trimmer, then you can offer him a beard trimmer, with which he can achieve the desired style and which will help him ease his trimming and care of the beard.

  • Electric Grill 

It is the perfect gift for barbecue enthusiasts, and your father will surprise his friends with the most delicious and healthy steaks prepared without much effort.

  • Electric knife

These utensils are endless in a modern kitchen, especially as they are practical and can quickly and easily cut meat, bread, vegetables and hard fruits, fish, and other foods.

4. Tie Embellishment

It is for mothers, grandparents, skilled aunts who can sew. Carol has decided she wants to be a stylist and so I start taking sewing classes.

I’m thinking of taking this project to her class! It’s about making a fabric tie that becomes a keychain ornament.

The fabric is hand-painted through with ink or pen fabric, which will give an extra charm to the gift.

Idea of ​​that, you can check to see how you do this post here.

5. A book

Christmas gifts for Parents from Students This one is simple and great! Make a book with the children. But it doesn’t have to be anything very elaborate.

Folded and stapled sheets of sulfite paper are the basis for you to make up stories with children’s drawings; it can be any story! Let the little ones say what they mean to daddy!

6. Pencil Case

This Christmas is perfect for those who have small children who cannot yet participate in the process of making the gift.

Just a can, a beautiful photo, and some wrapping paper will give you an elegant picture frame. If children raise, they can help by drawing the article that covers the can.

7. Family Bowling

Here’s an idea that had to come from a blog like a bowling alley with family members.

You print the pictures, wrap the rolls of paper towels or aluminum foil, and thereby create the bowling pins. Cool huh?

8. Keychain with Poem

I also found this keychain ornament idea using the child’s rolls and a poem.

I thought it was okay if you believe you have a message for dads that you would like to leave in writing.

9. Painted Frame

Are you finding it complicated to make a gift from scratch? 

You can buy a ready-made frame and give it a special touch by letting the kids make a painting. You can use any technique, even finger painting for small children.

10. Other gift ideas for parents to enjoy together

In addition to the Christmas gifts that you can give separately to your mother and your father, you can also think of a few tips they can enjoy together:

  • Board games 

These are the perfect reason to spend more time together with friends and family, both on Christmas afternoon and any other weekend evening. Apart from the classic rummy or Monopoly games, you can also choose one of the popular games like Catan, Activity, or Tumult Royal.

  • A set of wine accessories 

It usually contains a corkscrew, plug, aerator, thermometer, and antichrist and is the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts.

  • Espresso 

if you know your parents can’t start their day without a cup of coffee, surprise them and offer them a device with which they can quickly prepare a variety of coffee assortments, which they will enjoy together morning.

  • Theater or concert tickets 

Depending on your parents’ preferences, opt for movie, theater, opera, or even your favorite band concert tickets. It’s the perfect way to enjoy your free time.

  • Experiences 

You can give your parents a gift that they have not had the chance to experience so far, such as paragliding or hot air ballooning, but many other unique activities.

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