July 7, 2020
Christmas Gifts for Parents from Adults

50+ Sweets & Beauty Christmas Gifts for Parents from Adults : The Ultimate Guide

Christmas Gifts for Parents from Adults


Christmas Gifts for Parents from Adults How about innovating this year and, instead of buying lots of gifts or souvenirs, call the kids and enjoy our tips from this post with beautiful Christmas gifts for parents- cheap and straightforward – to make with the kids?

Making a gift from parents, grandparents, friends always has that special meaning.

Simple memory that goes with all the love . 

I made it and created beautiful memories for the whole family.

So bora make beautiful Christmas gifts? 

Those unforgettable at the time of making, enjoying more time with the children.

Hey, extraordinary also for those who receive?

1. Christmas souvenir made with little fingers

Look how simple and creative! 

You’ll need Christmas balls (plastic, okay? No glass balls to keep from breaking and hurting), finger paint, and a marker pen for DVDs.

So use the ink to put the kids’ fingerprints – and adults too – in the balls.

Then with the pen, you can finish the drawing. Here, in this post, Pat Camargo and the family made a little angel in the balls, and it was funny. Simple and very special.

2. A special drawing

In Pat Camargo’s house, on the living room wall, there is a particular corner for children’s art.

More than decorating, it is very cool – for children and adults – to see the works made by them exposed. 

Some people put them on the house wall, others in the office. How about calling the kids to learn how to draw the Christmas tree?

In this video, Pocoyo, Pat’s son, teaches how to draw the tree. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? 

No, it is not! Drawing the tree is an exercise in excellent motor coordination, reasoning, and spatial notion.

·      Look how cool the video and then in the photo, how was the tree.

With the picture ready, have the child enter the name and date. If she can’t write yet, let her do it her way.

Then roll up the picture, tie a ribbon, and the gift is ready.

3. Christmas ornaments made with hands and feet


Gifts Christmas for Parents from Adults It is a lovely gift to bring on Christmas Eve when you are invited to be with other people.

  • Easy to make, it looks quite cute, and you can hand it to the host and put it together on the tree. You will only need cardboard – or thicker paper, gouache paint, glue, brushes, ribbon, and creativity!

You can’t see in image, but you can drill a hole right under where you taped the tape, pass a narrow ribbon, or that fishing line to attach to the tree.

4. Popsicle Stick Coaster

Timeless gift.

By the way, a high activity also to do with children and use at home. But, come back for Christmas?

You will need popsicle sticks, paint, and hot glue. If you have varnish, iron it too, as it helps protect the ink.

It looks beautiful and who would like to get a gift like this

5. Exclusive Picture Frame

  • Have you ever made the cup holder and popsicle stick left? 
  • So don’t save it yet! How about making beautiful frames? 

Just use the same materials – popsicle sticks, paint (can be a pen too), hot glue – and then put the kids to solar creativity. They are beautiful.

6. Bookmark with baby’s drawing


On Father’s Day, Patricia Marinho used a drawing made by Gabi to present her father.

But, as we have shown here, some gifts are timeless and which father, mother, grandmother, or grandfather would not want to get the baby’s first drawing?

·      Then separate paper, ruler, pencil or pencil, white glue, scissors, and sticky paper and make a beautiful bookmark for a gift. 

7. Christmas Cards

Here, on the site, we love making art and giving away that DIY concept – Do It Yourself, which means “Do It Yourself.”

So, how about going back a bit in time and writing Christmas cards.

Yes! Let’s change WhatsApp and likes in the posts to the old and Christmas card. What about the gifts? 

8. Gift stamped with potato stamp


Can you believe that with a potato and ink, you can make amazing prints? 

You can buy t-shirts, scarves, dishcloths or even a baby body and stamp to personalize your gift.

9. Scrapbook Holders

A little more elaborate, this gift is beautiful and very useful.

You will need cardboard, fabric scraps (or gift paper), colored sheets of paper, notepad sheets, white glue, scissors, mini pencils or mini pens, paper clips, pencils, and a ruler. 

So from the list, you already see that we have a great gift to be made by the older kids here!

10. Pot with eggshells

Now choose the gift – or the gifts – that you will make with the kids and get your hands dirty.

Do you know what is cool?

In addition to the joy of those who will receive has the pleasure and happiness of spending time with children. So enjoy!

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