July 7, 2020
best 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

500+ Cute & best 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents : The Ultimate Guide

best 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents


The 60th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents is one of the most important dates for a couple. 

  • The beginning of the relationship or the first kiss are dates recorded in memory forever but, each year. The wedding date is always a reason for celebration, with a rose, a gift and the most used, a romantic dinner.
  • Every year, this day is an ideal time to give a gift to our better half. 

The usual thing is that the anniversaries are celebrated privately.

But when we turn 25, 50 or why not, 75 years of marriage, there is room for a party and again confirm the love that the couple has between family and friends.

Original and personalized gifts for the bride and groom

If your grandparents turn 60th.

·      If your parents are going to celebrate their silver weddings or golden weddings.

We can help you with these ideas to give them an original gift and fun never to forget.

1. Picture with a photograph of the massive couple

Surely we can get a picture of our parents, uncles or grandparents on their wedding day.

If we have it, we only have to go to a website that makes canvases or enlargements and send them the photo to be printed. 

We assure you that this gift will thrill the bride and groom very much.

2. Custom funny badges

A product that is a classic, already in the 60th anniversary gift ideas, used them as a form of expression.

Without a doubt, fashion has not left them behind, and wedding badges are still among us. 

  • We can deliver them as a wedding detail or only in the open bar with funny phrases. 
  • There are several sizes, but we recommend 59mm. 
  • This size allows us to change the back of the pin with magnet, mirror, or magnet opener, these last two perfect for distributing between men and women, respectively.

3. Spa with massage

Who does not like to relax taking a bath? 

Countless websites offer spa packs with massage.

A bath in a jacuzzi, a few minutes in a sauna or a Turkish bath can be the ideal gift to clear and evade us for a few hours of our day to day, look for yours!

4. Photo album of your life together

This gift will take us to make it a while, so you have to start making the arrangements as soon as possible.

  • We need to have the whole family to collect photos of the married, especially important and relevant moments of their lives. 
  • Once we have all the photos in our hands.
  • It is time to make the album. 
  • We have two options, digital or traditional and for tastes the colors.
  • But in the case of the silver, gold, or brilliant wedding, that is the 60th anniversary.

We would make the traditional album, which is what we see most appropriate for the age of the parties, but that said, you have both options for you to choose.

5. Footprint sheet

This gift is an economical, fun, and personalized option to give to the bride and groom.


  • It will serve as decoration at the banquet of your celebration or any corner of your home.
  • They will keep in mind all the family and friends who accompanied him on his anniversary.

6. Commemorative plaque

A plaque is a traditional 60th anniversary gift. 

A few beautiful words addressed to the married ones that they can keep for a lifetime and exhibit at home.

  • It will be a personalized gift, and we can include, apart from the text, a photograph.
  • There are enough options and materials for you to choose the one that best suits your taste and economy.

7. Family tree

sometimes we lose the count of how many members we are. 

  • Having a family tree can help us keep in the memory of our ancestors and that our descendants can know their family in more detail.
  • For the contracting parties, it is an original gift that they will keep with love, a great option!

8. Recorded cups

These can be delivered to the couple at the exit of the ceremony or if there is not when entering the celebration. 

  • They would personalize their names and the date of the first wedding, and we have the option of including the time of this second link. 
  • Being a personalized gift, we have the possibility of including a phrase dedicated to them, let your imagination fly!

9. A surprise party

Without a doubt, spending time with the family is the best gift that can give to a person.

·      If you are all that day, it will be unforgettable for them, and they will never forget it, do not forget to save everything with photographs or video!

10. Video made by all family members

Each couple will make with their children and grandchildren, if any, a small video with their mobile phone dedicating a few words to the couple.

·      All these videos will be delivered to the person in charge of making the final video with all these pieces. 

If we have the opportunity to make a family outing without the contracting parties and make a recording altogether, giving them a message of love, it will be the golden finishing touch (never better said) for their anniversary.

This video can show at the celebration held by the couple.

11. Events


Give your parents an event to commemorate this important anniversary. Rent an air balloon for the day to take them on a romantic skywalk. 

  • If both are sports fans, buy boxes for them so they can see their favourite team.
  • A cruise is a memorable vacation for which many people save for years to experience.
  • Match your money with that of your brothers and relatives and buy tickets for a cruise.
  • Invest a little more money for an anniversary package with better rooms and benefits included.


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