July 7, 2020
Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

100+ Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples : The Ultimate Guide

Best 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples


The 40th wedding anniversary of a couple is often called a ruby ​​anniversary in honor of the passion and dedication it takes to reach this milestone in marriage.

Whether you are elucidating what to give to your spouse, your parents, or your friends on their 40th wedding anniversary.

You should consider traditional gift ideas to celebrate this achievement.

1. Rubies


The jewel of ruby ​​is perhaps the most traditional gift that people give in wedding anniversaries number 40.

These jewels have value for their sincere and vibrant color, such as symbolism of devotion and passion for life.

  • These stones, which are mined in the world, vary in high of red from pale pink to purple and white. 
  • Consider giving a necklace, bracelet, cufflinks, or ruby ​​earrings to someone celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary.

2. Flowers

People have given plants as gifts at weddings and other romantic events for centuries, and a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary is no exception.

·      Gladiolus and nasturtium flowers are traditional flowers given to recognize and celebrate a couple’s 40 years of marriage.

Gladiolus flowers represent memory and infatuation, while colorful and showy nasturtium flowers are associated with victory and perseverance.

A bouquet of other pink flowers, such as roses, tulips, and carnations, would also be convenient, rather than more traditional bulbs.

3. Family portrait

Give the couple a family portrait in honor of their 40th wedding anniversary. 

It could be an intense session, including all members of the couple’s family, or a portrait of the two perfectly framed and fit to be placed for all to see.

A traditional family portrait is character by showing the patriarch and matriarch of the family, surrounded by their children, grandchildren, and even pets with their best costumes.

Present the portrait photo at a small family dinner or the anniversary party.

4. A party

A traditional way of celebration is to recognize and celebrate the best couple’s 40th wedding anniversary gifts. 

Work with the mature and happy couple to decide on details such as date, place, menu, and guest list.

Traditional themes include garnet, black colors, red, and elements in food.

Such as cherries and wine, and photos of the couple throughout their married life.

·    Send invitations well in advance and inform the guests by guiding you through the closest family acquaintances.

5. Women Gifts

If you’re want to buy a 40th-anniversary gift for a woman.

Jewelry is always an excellent place to start. 

These the most common ideas are rings, earrings, bracelets, or rings with rubies.

There is not a cheap option, but it is considered traditional. An excellent alternative option for conventional jewelry is to look for stones.

The color black is still represented but in a slightly more modern way.

·      The flowers also make a beautiful gift for women. 

The nasturtium flower is the suggested option for 40 anniversaries, but red roses or another bouquet with red flowers can also be beautiful.

6. Unconventional options

If you want to surprise someone for their 40th anniversary, look for an unexpected option. A trip for two people to a ruby ​​mine in North Carolina is unconventional.

An even more unique option is to donate a unit of blood in honor of the couple.

The couple and helps the community.

Whether you choose traditional or conventional gifts, make sure you use your imagination to commemorate the day.

7. Couples

If you are buying from a couple who appreciates the traditional feeling, home decor is appropriate as a pewter frame with ruby ​​gemstones.

For a modern touch, think of a red glass sculpture, or give a set of ruby ​​red glasses or choose a good bottle of ruby ​​red wine.

  • If the couple you are buying from loves the gardens, consider buying a potted plant on the 40th anniversary.

The traditional nasturtium flower or other red flowers such as amaryllis or a rose bush. Also, a box of ruby ​​red grapefruit is a fun way to take the traditional.

8. Modern or traditional

primarily on the recipient of the gift but also consider.

What would best represent you as the donor, as well as your budget?

While some couples love tradition and would be offended by receiving something deviating from it.

Most people are happy to have something that exhibits your thoughts on it.

·      The usual gift for a couple’s 40th wedding anniversary gift is the ruby. 

It is a beautiful representation of four decades of love, and anything that resembles it makes a timeless gift. However, other themes can also interpret the stone.

9. Other ideas for your parents’ golden wedding


Here is a list of a golden wedding emotionally and originally:

  • Order a special cake for the couple nowadays; real beauties made with pastries, so you will surely find some idea that represents them perfectly.
  • Print a photo of the groom on the wedding day in real size on a rigid support. The guests (and the couple) will hallucinate by photographing with him!
  • Decorate with photos of different years of the couple. So guests can come to see them whenever they want, instead of having to see them all in a row in a video. You can hang them on helium balloons, hung with tweezers on a rope, in frames.
  • Put a photocell. People will love taking pictures with the honoree.


We hope we have given you good ideas for your parents’ golden wedding with this article; we are waiting for your comments.

If you have new suggestions to contribute, whether you are organizing.

Surprise party for them if you are helping them prepare their celebration.

We hope everything goes great and you have a great time. And maybe many more years of love!


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