May 30, 2020
9 year Anniversary Gift

Traditional and Modern 9 year Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide

9 year Anniversary Gift


9 year Anniversary Gift Can you believe that the two have shared almost a decade of marriage?

Reason enough to find a precious and personal anniversary gift for your loved one.

The traditional gifts for the ninth wedding anniversary, also called Clay Weddings, are ceramic, molded from a piece of clay and become a beautiful object, and the willow tree, a slender and elegant tree, producing flexible branches that used in the manufacture of baskets.

There are have many places where you can buy beautiful pottery and willow gifts. Still, your budget prevents you from planning a break, so maybe some handmade objects from willow or an impressive piece of pottery can be an unusual and romantic gift.

9 year anniversary gift traditional

9 year anniversary gift traditional
9 year anniversary gift traditional

The color of the 9th anniversary gift traditional is terracotta, which represents the warmth and comforts of home, perhaps because when the couple celebrates 9 years together, it shows that they are very comfortable in their marriage.

Jewelry items are always a popular gift, and the gemstones for the 9th anniversary gift traditional are lapis lazuli, a stone that the Romans believed was a powerful aphrodisiac, and the amethyst known for its protective properties, will always be well received.

9th anniversary gift traditional and modern

The flowers traditionally known for the 9th anniversary gift traditional and modern are poppy, a symbol of meditation and eternal dream, and combined with the bird of paradise, a symbol of faithfulness and joy.

·      You can make an impressive bouquet to reaffirm their vows exchanged at the beginning of their marriage.

The bond of a 9th marriage anniversary can take various forms; it is a journey of two people and, sometimes, it can be bumpy or soft, but as long as the couple travels together, on tour, they will learn from Rewards that a healthy and happy marriage can bring.

Enjoy your 9th anniversary gift traditional and modern, reflect on the memories you have shared since you exchanged the vows on your wedding day.

9 year anniversary symbol

Traditional gift – Copper

USA Ceramics – Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Spain Clay

Germany    Ceramics  – Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Russia         Ceramics

France   Crockery – Traditional gift

Italy   Clay – Traditional gift 

Flower gift      Flower Bird from paradise

Gemstone gift            Lapis lazuli

Modern gift     Leather goods

9 year anniversary traditional

Your 9 year anniversary traditional should include gifts, celebration, and enthusiasm as if it were the first.

Choosing the right gift for your husband can be a complicated task after nine years, but consider something traditional like pottery and leather, or a more modern gift that suits your lifestyle.

1. Leather


Choosing a traditional leather gift for the ninth anniversary will leave you with a couple of options, including a wallet, a belt, or a motorcycle gear if you are enthusiastic about these.

A quality personalized leather wallet is an ideal gift that a man can use daily, and that will remind him of your love. 

You can buy a wallet from an online retailer of personalized gifts or at a professional leather store; ask them to put a message from you and the wedding date.

2. Ceramics


A ceramic gift will be challenging to find since most pottery is related to home decoration. An outdoor ceramic home will allow you to enjoy a fire on cold nights or invite friends to spend a night outside.

They are available in large retailers and home improvement stores in a variety of styles and colors so that they can match your home. 

You can hand paint a message and a date directly at home to add an extra flavor.

3. Holidays


A romantic vacation for both of you will allow you to enjoy each other and remember the last nine years.

A Caribbean getaway offers the ideal environment with a warm tropical climate, a relaxing beach atmosphere, and numerous romantic destination stations for couples.

Choose a complex that has recreational activities and services that your husband can enjoy as well as some romantic restaurants. 

All-inclusive resorts offer everything you need at a specific price, where you and your husband can spend the time relaxing without having to worry about paying anything, as it is all included.

4. Traditional dinner


The traditional night out with dinner, with a walk and a show, will allow you and your husband to enjoy each other’s company without breaking the piggy bank.

Take it to a good restaurant and plan activities for later that allow them to talk and remember the past well as look the future.

A movie, a theater show, or a concert will add a touch of excitement to the night.

Creative 9 year anniversary

Looking good does not mean making any gift, here I will show you the creative 9th anniversary you can give your friends on their wedding anniversary.

Your attitude towards your partner counts too much on such a date. 

Because you will be showing him how happy you have been and you are with him or her, during this year that they shared such beautiful and unique moments of love.

Well, then I invite you to take into account some of these original ideas that will make palpitate of renewed emotion, to whom today, everything is for you.

1. Movie and candy kit, customized


Prepare a package of those movies that you know attract a lot, along with a good bowl of popcorn, chocolates, and sweets to taste both.

With a wooden box decorated with the name of your sheep and yours, you will be providing an exciting and happy time to share, which, I assure you, will not be forgotten.

2. Wall clock framed with photos of both


Do you want to surprise him with a clock that midnight before the hour, with you turning around yourself?

Of course, you are topically speaking!

You can find some models of watches that have a personalized frame with place so you can put the photos of the couple for each hour that goes by the day.

3. Romantic plan with hotel, dinner, and spa


There are times when material gifts, call gifts, can be replaced by a spectacular and tempting dinner and an excellent time to relax in a luxurious spa, to end the night in a cozy 5-star hotel.

In the middle, it would be well deserved a way out to a fashion club, the style you enjoy the most. All they can in one night! Poems to fall in love with her.

4. Engraved heart-shaped keychain


When being present is not enough, and you want him always to have you next to him, this is a very romantic option.

Where you can record on the front face of the keychain heart, the most beautiful words and inside it insert a photo that he will love to have of you, as something special. Ideal for wedding anniversaries.

5. Keychain for the clueless


Here you can see another option in keychain, although this would be an efficient style for those men, or women, who occasionally do not remember where they left their keys.

It character because, through a simple whistle, its bunch of keys will appear with a red light.

Great idea, which you will appreciate very much, keep it in mind!

6. Support books or cooking tablets


Have you seen that sometimes your partner uses ample table space to support a book or their tablet?

One of the most bright ideas to save space, especially if the table is not so big.

Not fully necessary to install anything; it is foldable and does not bother when it not use. Made of beautiful bamboo wood, and both can use it!

9 year anniversary theme

Following the same idea, today, we list ten ideas for 9th-anniversary themes without using characters!

As in the other post, the focus here is to come out of those decorations that are always the same, using characters from famous cartoons, movies, or books.


  • Owl
  • Rainbow
  • Ice cream
  • Spa
  • Sewing
  • Sweets
  • Watercolor
  • Garden with flowers
  • Butterfly

9 year anniversary card


Beyond something material, it is a celebration that remembers all the time lived together with the loved one, for that reason, celebrating is something so significant that it reinforces the union between the two, marking the path they have to follow together.

As each anniversary has its meaning, in the following article we will explain a bit the implication of this particular date so that you can choose the perfect detail:

Ceramic weddings


At ninth anniversary card, they have consolidated their union because it is so resistant that it will not break easily.

Remember, you should not forget this particular date, because your husband should know that you remain the same from day one, tell him how much you love him and strive to see him happy.

Keep the element of surprise active with details full of love and tenderness so that the Chemistry among you is maintained every day with much more force.

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