August 14, 2020

7th Wedding Anniversary Ideas and Symbols – The Ultimate Guide


Congratulations on your 7th wedding anniversary or woolen wedding. It symbolize copper or wool, both copper and wool, known for heat production.

For this year you can celebrate woolly weddings, which means that you are an excellent person listening, want, accept, and know your partner despite the defects.

If you are looking for good to give to your partner, a wool sweatshirt, a blanket, or socks are a good idea.
Therefore, both elements for you warmth, comfort, safety and protection, necessary ingredients for a healthy and stable marriage. Reflect on these traits and thus celebrate these seven years together.


United Kingdom Wool Traditional gift 

USA Wool and copper Traditional gift 

Spain Wool Traditional gift

Traditional gift – Germany Copper

Russia Copper Traditional gift

Traditional gift – France Wool

Traditional gift – Italy Italy Wool

Flower gift Flower Freesia

Gemstone gift Gemstone Onyx

Modern gift Modern gift Stationary office game

The seventh wedding anniversary is a more significant milestone than some people believe. After all, it often said that if couples have arrived strong and stable in their seventh year of marriage without being victims of divorce, they will most likely remain married for the rest of their lives.

7th wedding anniversary gift   

That is something worth celebrating. You can choose to buy some of each item or splurge on some unique jewelry.
Many different items can be purchased to show your great love and appreciation for your wedding that is entering its 7th year.
Copper is one best of the two gifts that traditionally given to celebrate the seventh anniversary. Copper has long been a symbol of prosperity and luck.

It is also a good symbol of good luck, and couples who reach their seventh anniversary have undoubtedly experienced good luck in their search for each other. There is a range of copper gifts that would be both practical and meaningful. If you are skilled with metalwork tools, you could even make some copper.

Costume jewelry using copper and onyx and yellow sapphire gemstones make a personalized anniversary gift that can be highly valued. For a wool gift, a sweater made in the Aran Islands of Ireland with the pattern known as “marriage lines” that has twists and turns in the design that represent the ups and downs of a marriage.

As with all wedding anniversaries, you can choose a traditional gift or be inventive and select something very different, enjoy the 7th anniversary as you wish, but also enjoy it.

Modern gift lists mark the 7th wedding anniversary with desktop games. For someone who works have good in an office all day, a desktop game can be a great way to explore add a piece of home to work life.perennial that symbolizes refuge.

1. Bouquet of Freesia or Jack-in-the-Pulpit

Two flowers commonly found on the 7th-anniversary lists: Freesia and Jack-in-the-Pulpit. The freesia is a delicate flower that symbolizes friendship and faithfulness. Jack-in-the-Pulpit is a lesser-known perennial that symbolizes refuge. 

2. Copper jewelry

Because copper forms so quickly, jewelry manufacturers love to work with it. But there are limitations to using good luna in jewelry. Copper oxidizes at a relatively rapid rate, and some people are allergic to it. Avoid the rings and stay with items such as bracelets that do not remain in contact with the skin for long periods.

3. Wool blanket

One of the most obvious great ways to incorporate wool into your anniversary gift is to buy a blanket. A quality wool blanket can last for decades and offer many cozy evenings. But be sure to upload the award to a notch. Plan a night under stars or a trip to the drive-in where you can create a memory on your anniversary with the launch.

4. Copper desk accessories

An easy way to combine and modern anniversary gift is to look for some stylish copper desk accessories. Copper and rose gold are popular home decoration options that will bring warmth to a space that can sometimes feel very sterile.

5. Copper Roses Bouquet

The flowers are romantic, and that romance can last a lifetime when you create a flower that will never fade. Copper is a malleable metal that can quickly become roses and other flowers for your spouse.

6. Wool Desk Planner

These desktop planners may seem cliché, but they are so elegant and functional that they usually bought without any traditional or anniversary in mind. Make the gift a little more memorable when planning a trip or special outing and marking it inside the planner.

7. Copper cookware

Since luna’s wedding is a great conductor of heat, it is an excellent kitchen utensil. Just make sure that the copper is appropriately coated or coated with another copper metal. The fast and last thing you always want is to ingest too much copper.

8. Onyx jewelry

Onyx is the gemstone of the best choice for the 7th wedding anniversary. It is composed of different black and white bands. Symbolically, it thought to protect couples from the tensions in their wedding. It also represents structure. As a form of chalcedony, the gem is available and is relatively cheap. Depending on your pocket money, you can opt for a set of jewelry in silver or fine gold.

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