August 14, 2020
70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Modern & Traditional 70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts : The Ultimate Guide

70th Wedding Anniversary Gifts


Congratulations on the 70th wedding anniversary gifts, traditionally the platinum anniversary. This anniversary is genuinely very popular and should celebrate with friends and family.

A traditional 70th anniversary gift is platinum, although one immediately thinks of the anniversary gift ideas, such as rings and other jewelry items.

It is entirely appropriate and perhaps desirable to make an ornamental gift that incorporates a jewel for the 70th anniversary of smoked glass.



United Kingdom Platinum – Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – USA Platinum

Spain Titanium – Traditional gift 

No traditional gift – Germany Traditional gift

Traditional gift – Russia No traditional gift

France – Platinum Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Italy Titanium

Flower gift Flower Peony roses

Gemstone gift Gemstone Smoked glass

Modern gift Modern gift Afternoon tea at the Ritz

70th wedding anniversary gifts for husband

Helping a couple to celebrate their 70th wedding anniversary gift is a lovely thing to do, and the couple will enjoy it.

There are lots of good ways to celebrate, for husband of all ages and mobility. It can be arranged to gather extended family for lunch or dinner at a favorite local restaurant. 

Maybe there is even a place where the couple enjoys, but they no longer have the opportunity to visit. You could also have an afternoon tea party at home, either yours or your own home.

It is an excellent way to have family and friends together for this special celebration.

You can play music from the time of your wedding, and even get some old photos to pass around. Often your grandchildren have never seen these photos and will enjoy it.

As time passes, not everyone gets to see our family as much as we like, especially if they separate by distance. 

Maybe there is someone in the family of the couple does not get to see as much as they would like.

The good idea is to take them to visit relatives or friends, or if this is difficult, take them to a surprise party.

70 wedding anniversary gift ideas

We love wedding anniversary gifts because they are undoubtedly one of the best ways to show how much love there is between two people who have decided to share a life.

This kind of gift cannot (and in fact should not) be treated as any gift because more than a present, it is a symbol, so it requires all the attention and care to chose. 

It may be you who is about to celebrate your anniversary with the woman or man of your dreams, you are probably thinking about the gift you should make, but you are a little confused about what you would like to give.

Well, today, we have given ourselves the task of sharing some options that you could take into account so that your gift is an actual show of gratitude towards your partner.

1. A book of poems

We begin our little list with the trends gift, a book of poems made by you. 

Telling someone how much you love him is already incredible, but demonstrating it by providing part of your time for the creation of poems and thoughts is a beautiful way to reaffirm the vows you once made.

Take your time because this particular gift requires a lot of attention, patience, and effort to finish being something that values ​​you and your loved one.

2. Clocks

The watches are beautiful accessories that will not only make you look good before others but also, and more importantly, with your partner.

If you want your anniversary gift to be a date to remember, this is a good option. 

Try to choose the piece that best suits the style of clothing that your partner uses every day, and you will not want a too beautiful watch stored in a closet drawer.

3. Pearls

The brilliance and delicacy of a pearl could not enter this exclusive list. 

For those couples who have happily completed 30 years of marriage, this is the stone that represents better than none what they have spent over the years together.

In case this is the choice for your gift, then you could deliver it in a necklace or a bracelet.

Pearl necklaces are one of the most appreciated jewels by women; for a long time, it has considered within the iconic pieces that everyone would like to have at least once in their life, so why not give it to the person with whom have you shared so much?

4. A trip together


Taking a trip together because of their anniversary is a great way to make a gift an unforgettable memory. 

Choose or choose the place where you want to celebrate the time lived with great attention.

Do not forget to take your camera and prepare many small surprises throughout the trip that will make your moment together even more special.

5. Churumbelas


We have talked about them on many occasions, and of course, now that we are talking about wedding anniversary gifts, we could not fail to mention them.

Because they are undoubtedly the best option and the best way to let your partner know that you are still in love, that’s why it’s our fabulous number five.

Churumbelas for all types of occasions, they vary according to the kind of anniversary that celebrate, there are them for the first years of the relationship.

When they are ten years of marriage and of course for when they turn 50 or up to 70 Married years Nothing like a ring, a symbol of eternity, to communicate to the world that you are still happily attached to your soul mate.

We can help you find wedding anniversary gifts Perfect for that particular person, say what you feel with significant contributions that mark both your life and that of the person with whom you have decided to spend the rest of your days.

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