July 7, 2020
6th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Beautiful 6th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

6th Wedding Anniversary Gift



Three years is a time of crisis for a young family. It is in the third year of life that the first unification of each other’s bodies ends.

The novelty of living together hides, living together becomes habitual, a new lifestyle is no longer impressive, shared habits are formed, everyday problems come to the fore.

A cast-iron wedding, 6 years of marriage, imposes its own special restrictions on the choice of a gift for spouses.

You can follow the tradition and choose a present according to the name of the anniversary or depart from it.

  • Sweet or salty?
  • How were the first 6 years?
  • You have lived and experienced marriage for over 2,000 days. What do you remember more?
  • To the good days or the moments where you have quarreled?

Relationship researchers have found that your answer to this question is important to the continuity of the relationship.

The sixth anniversary for the family, according to the studies of psychologists, coincides with a difficult period in the relationship.

Perhaps it is better to choose a gift that refreshes the senses or combine romance and tradition.

For example, psychologists asked couples how their wedding or the years thereafter were?

Couples who shared positive memories of the wedding and the first 6 years are the couples that endure.

Couples who even remember the things that went wrong at the wedding and honeymoon are more likely to be unhappy couples.

Happy and unhappy couples go through their ups and downs in the first 6 years.

Especially when you have children, you experience great challenges in the relationship with the partner due to sleep deprivation, teething problems and developmental stages of the children.

  • That is normal.

The question is, how do you deal with it, and whether you are looking for the hair in the soup or not?


It is important to cultivate and have relationship rituals. Whether it’s the 6-second kiss , the hugs, or the little regular breaks you all enjoy – the relationship needs as much of it as possible.

Another challenge is keeping in touch with each other. Communication wears off. In relationships, this means.

  • Wiser in the formulation
  • Worse in listening

For the exchange of body fluids, this is a very bad foreplay. Because without communication no friendship and without friendship no closeness and intimacy.

And rightly guessed – without closeness and intimacy no sex. What sounds simple is a great challenge for many relationships.


Until the 6th wedding day, you got a first taste of what the words “in good and bad times” mean. It is important to look forward.

  • should the next 6 years look like?
  • ur common goals and needs?
  • my wish list for the next year look like?

These questions need answers. Often we have known the answer to these questions before the wedding. 6 years later we are not so sure.

Then it’s time for the 1st communication case for couples.

This relationship kit helps you to express the current wishes and needs. The focus is on positive communication, as there are often enough negative communications.


Everything is made of sugar:  find something sweet in relation to you, your first name or your wedding.

  • Be a cake with your name on it.
  • be a candy you ate together for the first time.
  • A bake with his / her favorite cake.
  • May visit the manufacturer of your favorite sweets.
  • You make your own design for a chocolate (eg Zotter chocolate).
  • You write a sweet love letter with many happy messages (love messages).


Depending on which of the 5 languages ​​of love you want to address, there are lots of ways with sugar and sweets with gifts to make the 6th wedding anniversary sweet together.

Traditional and original gifts ideas

Accepted on the anniversary of a joint life to give what is connected with the name of the date. Here is what guests give to husband and wife for 6 years from the birthday of the family:

  • Cast-iron pans or pans. Despite the fact that for a long time there are new modern materials for the manufacture of dishes, cast-iron kitchen utensils will never become obsolete.
  • Beautiful forged mirror frames or cast-iron twisted frames for family photos.
  • If there is a fireplace in the house of spouses ooze at the dacha, forged woodpile or a set of shovels, poker, sticks for coal will be appropriate.
  • Wrought iron forged newspaper rack.
  • Decorative flower pots or any forged flower stands.
  • Pair of cast iron candlesticks, decorative cast figurines or cast-iron flowers.
  • Any items of home or country wrought iron furniture.


The celebration of each year the family has successfully lived through is a wonderful tradition,

It allows spouses to “recharge” with positive emotions, hear the good parting words of their loved ones, forget old troubles and enter the new year of family life with renewed vigor.

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