July 7, 2020
6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts

15 Hot & Ingenious 6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts for him : The Ultimate Guide

6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts


6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts for him It surprises and gifts are always something special in a relationship.

  • If you style a slight tip to your lover, you show him that he is essential to you.

But in a long-distance quality relationship with the gifts is not so easy. If you separate a lot of hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, you cannot just hand over a gift to your partner.

But for you out there, too, there are too many ways to surprise your life partners.

I’ve been thinking for always a long time about what I gift my girlfriend would most enjoy and which gifts are also distance-compatible.

1. Pure romance

“I give you a star.” It may sound like a teaser, but you can make your partner such a truly romantic gift.

Because which pair already has its star? 

At a baptism of the baptism, a real star in the sky.

Which until now has no name, is baptized by you.

6 Month Dating Anniversary Gifts for him So you can have him baptized for your partner, or you pick a name that connects you.

In any case, you can make your sweetheart a very personalize and romantic gifts surprise. It is a beautiful design certificate and having other extra loving.

A star is the ideal long-distance relationship of gift.

If you look at the sky in the evening, then you know that your star is always pulling its tracks. I think that’s a great feeling.

2. Calendar with own pictures: Sweet romance

Since the calendar is back in front of the door, you can ask yourself the question, if your sweetheart is on chocolate?

How about an individual calendar? 

You can let off steam with the configurator and put pictures of you or you on the door as you wish if that’s not a sweet idea.


3. Heart Diamond with Personalization: Sparkling Love

One gives one’s heart only once. But here we can make an exception. This heart, after all, goes to your sweetheart.

  • You can choose the color from the diamond heart, choose your date, and personalize the names. 

Alternatively, you can also have your anniversary engraved there, which is also a romantic idea. Besides, I find the satin-covered gift box beautiful.

4. PhotoFrame: A gift for Married couples in long Love relationships

When you have a long-live relationship, memories are especially important.

  • Memories of traveling together.
  • Memories of 6 months
  • Memories of the first kiss.

Such memories can especially refresh with couples photos, and when looking at you, the photo frame feels like to partner want to back a little closer.

But most of the memories photos are from somewhere on the hard drive or the iPhone, and you often click through quickly and do not even look at them properly.

An excellent gift for the long-distance relationship is, therefore, a self-created photo book with shared photos, your best moments, and memories.

You can now easily create photo books, for example, have them sent your partner directly.

Such services already exist in many countries. If your partner lives abroad, you will surely also find a provider where you can create and send a photo book.

5. An individual gift for the long-distance relationship – The Care Package

Often you have a lot of different memories of the partner. It can be the chocolate you always eat together.

  • Maybe the perfume that the partner wears. 
  • It can be the CD of the band you always hear together. 
  • Such little things that remind me of my girlfriend help me a lot to endure the spatial separation better.

In a care package, you can pack all those things that bind you both together to give your partner the ultimate distance-related gift.

Search for anything that reminds you both of your times together and what you can put into a package, add a personal message or a small love letter to it and leave the post office.

6. The Gift of All Gifts – The Surprise Visit

There may be so many great gifts, but in a long-distance relationship, nothing beats a personal reunion.

It’s best not to let your partner know about your visit but talk to friends and family to surprise your partner.

It’s just the best feeling when the partner is suddenly at the door, and you can embrace yourself again.

A surprise visit is, therefore, the ultimate long-distance gift that will make your partner happy.

Of course, you should plan everything to make sure that your partner is at home and that he also has time for you. 

Only when everything is safe, and you have clarified the most important, you should also plan your trip.

7. The ultimate long-distance pillow


The Remote Relationship Pillow is a beautiful gift for all couples living in a long-distance relationship.

With two hearts and a connecting line, the distance between the two partners can brought to the pillow.

What’s great is that you can not only print your names, but also your cities or countries on the pillow, and the map and connecting line will be adjusted accordingly!

You can give it to your partner and balance a little space in his bed.

I think that’s a great idea and a great way to feel a bit closer to your partner as you sleep.

8. The Remote Relationship Keychain


You take your key a few times each day in your hand. And with these critical fobs, you’ll notice your treasure every time.

The pendant is elaborately individualized, and you can personalize it with the coordinates of your place of residence and your name.


9. A love letter – An extraordinary gift for the long-distance relationship

A love letter – An extraordinary gift for the longtime relationship can send it anywhere, and your partner will be pleased because it comes from the heart.

An e-mail you can type and send quickly. But a handwritten love letter is something special.

She’s always happy about my little love messages.

10. Flowers – The Fantastic gift for the girlfriend 

Flowers are the ideal gift for the girlfriend. The great thing is that you do not have to deliver flowers directly, but that there are many ways to order and send flowers online.

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