July 9, 2020

Golden 50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets : The Ultimate Gifts Guide

50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Baskets


Previously, marriages made in the fall were considered the most durable. Now popular 50th wedding anniversary gift baskets are a thing of the past, but autumn is still a traditional wedding time.

Weddings are different, but all of them unite by the indispensable presence of the newlyweds – and the need to give them something.

How to choose the best wedding gift?

To the question “What to give you for the 50th wedding?” 

many old couples, no hesitation, answer: “Money is worth !” Often this suits the couples – and you don’t need to go shopping, think, invent.

Of course, always money is a universal gift that will help newlyweds and their parents offset the cost of a 50th wedding celebration, which is still worthwhile.

However, in the universality of cash gifts, there is a catch – money depersonalize, and you can hardly hope that after a few years, the young spouses will remember your gift as something special.

But there are times when money is the only right decision:

50th wedding anniversary gift baskets

Money is worth  

You learned about the wedding shortly before the celebration (for example, the wedding was spontaneous)         

If you breathed a sigh of safe and decided to give just cash, think again – often young people who have just entered into marriage still do not know how to manage their family budget.

The money given for the wedding evaporates in the first weeks after the marriage, and life remains unsettled.

The couple you’re about to attend are not young, inexperienced?

Beautiful and useful wedding gifts

Wedding gifts symbolized wealth (furs, brocade, silk, feather-beds and pillows, large bowls, and goblets of silver), as well as fertility and healthy offspring.

It is for this purpose they gave home animals (chickens, ducks, piglets), the amount of which always should have been be a multiple of 10.

Each coming guest presented a small wicker basket with hard-boiled chicken eggs in many cultures symbolizing fertility.

Of paramount importance are paired sets – glasses, plates, figurines, jewelry – they personify the unity between the husband.

When purchasing a 50th wedding gift, remember that giving special somethings is considered a good omen.

So, before you go to any online store, make sure couples – or refrain from buying a gift that can misinterpret.

What household items should not give for a wedding


  • Knives, forks, and spoons (bring quarrels and resentment to the house)
  • Wrist and wall clocks (to the soon parting of lovers)
  • Mirrors (for early age and disease)
  • Scarves of all kinds (too frequent tears, betrayal, and treason)

Gift baskets for 50th wedding anniversary

Gift baskets for 50th wedding anniversary
Gift baskets for 50th wedding anniversary

There are gifts, presenting which, you can be sure that they will remember by the newlyweds and will never redistribute as the fifth vase in a row:

1. Thematic photo session


Newlyweds will be able to appear with the audience in professional photographs in new, unexpected looks that they will choose, and the makeup artist and hairdresser you invited will ensure a perfect look for the newlyweds.

2. Author’s dolls  


Miniature copies of the couples will undoubtedly cause admiration for the guests of the holiday. The only thing that require of you is to convey to the photo master the couples on which their faces and figures are visible.

By the way, dolls do not have to be in wedding dresses – although most customers choose this option.

3. Bed sheets with photos of the bride and groom.


It works on the same principle as dolls – everyone loves to look at themselves, their loved ones, but not everyone dares to order such a set on their own. But yes, of course, is a gift, possible only between very close friends.

4. Family coat of arms.


Usually, it contains a monogram (initial letters of names) of the bride and groom, 50th traditional heraldic wedding elements. So, for example, in the coat of the Sokolov’s, it is logical to imagine a falcon symbolizes enthusiasm and victory.

The unique creation of a family coat of arms and a family tree (another exciting option for a memorable gift) is carried out by specialized firms where heraldry specialists work, so you will not have to study this complicated science.

Of course, they don’t go to a wedding with boiled eggs and pigs, but giving young people kitchen utensils, textiles, and home decoration is still relevant today.

After conversion with the parents of the future spouses, you can always find out what exactly is necessary for the young.

If this is not possible, a gift certificate for a good home appliance store or interior salon can become a lifesaver.

50th wedding anniversary gift Adventure

You will can give not only those things but also impressions. Moreover, they, unexpected and original, are remembered for a lifetime:

1. Intimate


Erotic board or card games, perfumes, funny underwear.

2. Romantic


You can arrange a surprise for the newlyweds and give walk mutually on a yacht, in a vehicle, on horseback and limousine.

The most excellent gifts will also be an aircraft ride (ask if any of the newlyweds are afraid of heights), a wine tasting, or a romantic night in a luxury hotel.

3. Cognitive

Joint visit to a training, excursion, master class. Choosing such a gift beautiful, you need to be very well aware of what exactly can interest the newlyweds – a culinary course, a ballroom dance master class, or training to increase sales efficiency.

4. Toning


SPA session for two, steam yoga, good massage – any option that will allow the newlyweds to have a great time and relax after the bustle of the wedding will do.

5. Extreme


joint diving or parachuting, paragliding, hang gliding or helicopter, water skiing, zorbing, paintball.


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