August 14, 2020
4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide Fruit and Flower Ideas

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift
4th Wedding Anniversary Gift


The meaning of Linen Weddings is that the marriage celebrates four years of marriage.

According to a tradition that comes from the Middle Ages, each year of marriage is represented by material that is increasingly strong and strong, symbolizing the stability of that marriage.

In the fourth year, the marriage has become even more robust, and, likely, the couple has already had at least one child, thus creating their family nucleus.

This anniversary is ideal to remember the love of the first day and strengthen those bonds of affection between the couple.

Linen weddings (4th wedding anniversary gift )

At this stage, learning and teaching become very important, as the couple continues to know each other more and more, and tolerance and respect since they are the moments when the friction of routine life in stock and to discover the defects of the other.

4th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Tradition says that on each anniversary, the couple should make gifts that made with the corresponding material. In the case of the fourth year of marriage, the contributions must made with linen, so here are some ideas.

1. A linen garment

And if you do not want to give away clothes as if it were any other day of the year, you can try to make personalized clothes such as bathrobes with engraved initials, matching shirts, or even hats for the summer.

2. A set of linen sheets

An extraordinary gift consists of a bedding set made of linen and which premieres precisely on the day of the anniversary, then keeping it for exceptional occasions and becoming a symbol of those four years of marriage.

3. linen sheets gift

A white linen suit. We emphasize that are white linen suits because this gift can be easily complimented with a day alone on the beach in the next vacation.

4. Custom pillows or cushions.

On the Internet or even on specialized sites, you can order linen covers in which the couple’s names, the wedding date, or any phrase that is special for both of you have embroidered.

5. A case for the tablet or laptop.

It is a convenient gift, and that, also, can always be personalized with any symbol, initial, date, etc. that is representative of the couple and their marriage.

6. A linen bag.

Modern and significant for women or a discreet shoulder bag for men, depending on the needs and use they are going to give it. Once again, personalization is the key to making it a special gift.

7. An apron.

A perfect gift for couples who like to get into the kitchen and fiddle together, experimenting with food.



Celebrating four years of marriage can also be done uniquely, although many couples do not give much importance to this anniversary. There are probably many things to celebrate, so we are going to leave some proposals to turn the Linen Weddings into a particular day.

1. Picnicking

It is a straightforward plan that only requires the couple to prepare some light food at home and then look for a quiet place in the middle of nature in which to enjoy it while talking alone.

You don’t even always have to go too far; maybe there is a park near your house where you can organize this picnic. As an extra, how about bringing a linen tablecloth?

Go to lunch or dinner at the place where the wedding banquet held. 

It will be a perfect occasion to remember what that banquet was and bring to the present illusion and fun of the moments that the couple shared that day.

2. Picnic to celebrate anniversary

Meet with loved ones.

Make a video with the special moments of the last year. The couple can take time to collect photos and images containing milestones of the fourth year of marriage and then make a video that they watch together that day. Without realizing it, they will make sure of the advances they have made together.

3. Go out to see the stars

The couple can live an extraordinary moment by merely looking for an outdoor place where they can come together to see the stars and whisper, calmly. The intimacy of those moments will strengthen their love and enthusiasm.

4. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

Everyone agrees that both sunrise and sunset are moments that have some magic. A simple but equally special celebration may consist of watching that show together, perhaps in silence and with hands clasped.

Celebration ideas for 2nd wedding anniversary


Usually, this type of anniversaries traditionally celebrate alone, that is, the couple is already there, but the possibility of gathering some relatives to make a small party or meeting may arise, depending on the circumstances.

In either case, an excellent idea to celebrate Linen Weddings is to decorate the house with details elaborated on this material.

Remember that the love and illusion of those four years is as resistant and versatile as linen.

One idea is to place cushions with linen covers on which something representing the couple has been embroidered or printed: their names, the wedding date, the marriage certificate, a particular phrase.

The limits to creativity are set by the own couple, who are the ones who will decide what they want to express with that detail.

1. Aromatic linen bags

You can also make small linen bags containing aromatic herbs to place them in strategic points of the house.

If you are going to celebrate a party with the closest ones, these bags can be embroidered or printed for the occasion and turn them into small gifts for those attending the meeting.

To decorate, you can make linen figures stuffed with cotton and decorated with ties also made of linen.

They are small but exquisite details, and you can choose what identifies the couple. Hearts or stars usually designed, but why not go further?

Some couples choose the ways they feel represented and special. 

For example, a couple of dentists decided to make tooth-shaped figures, as they met working together in a consultation. Another couple who loves to travel designed small planes, boats, and cars to represent the passion they share.

2. linen hearts

A straightforward way to give soft touches of linen to the house is to use the classic earth-colored linen ribbon with white lace to place it on the edges of the furniture, to hold the curtains, to surround the cushions.

The important thing is to know how to give it real prominence to flax without exaggeration.

Following the idea of ​​the linen ribbon, it can be rolled up to form rustic-looking flowers that can be decorated with pearls, for example, to scatter seemingly carelessly through the main rooms of the house.

To give a truly festive atmosphere to this anniversary, you can make the typical triangular-shaped banners made in linen and in which the couple’s names or the wedding date read.

Another option is to place a linen rug with symbols or drawings that represent the couple. If you do not want to step on, this same idea can transfer in the form of a table made with linen that can be hung in the living room to celebrate the anniversary or maybe to stay there permanently.

3. Decorate table with linen

If the couple, or at least one of the two, has ease of crafts, small centerpieces made with ties and linen flowers can be made to decorate not only the table for lunch.

Dinner but also to give an elegant touch and Simple when you drink coffee or some cakes. The good thing about these centerpieces is that they can be modified to serve again on different occasions.

You cannot miss a beautiful and new linen tablecloth with matching napkins, whether it is a party or if it is a romantic dinner for two.

Perhaps it can be accompanied with elegant linen covers to cover the chairs, giving a special touch to the situation.

If the linen tablecloth seems somewhat exaggerated, this detail can replace by a table runner made in linen that place on the tablecloth that the couple prefers.

And of course, a set of bed sheets made in Egyptian linen will give the special final touch to this anniversary when the couple is in their most intimate moment.

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