July 9, 2020
45 years Anniversary Gifts

10 Sweet 45 years Anniversary Gifts : The Ultimate Guide

45 years Anniversary Gifts


Congratulations on your 45th wedding anniversary gifts. It is one of the most significant and beautiful milestones that can achieve, and it is only another five years to reach its half-century together, but this occasion is equally important.

The dedication and love you have placed, for each other, obviously deserves to be celebrated.

Anniversary gifts 45 years

“Two souls with one thought, two hearts that beat like one.”

Quote from: Friedrich Halm

Sapphire is the stone associated with the 45th wedding anniversary, and although everyone knows blue sapphire, there are many colors to choose from the article.

Some traces of other elements can affect the color, and many sapphires are green, orange, purple, pink, and even yellow.

Therefore, if you are thrown to buy a sapphire, but your spouse does not like blue, there is no fear there are many colors. 

The other gemstone that is sometimes associated with the 45th wedding anniversary is alexandrite that is as beautiful as sapphire, and just as rare, these jewels would make the perfect gift.

The flower of the 45 years is the blue iris, which symbolizes faith and hope. A bouquet of these beautiful flowers will be a perfect expression of your love.

You could break with tradition and make the bouquet of your favorite plants.

Perhaps what you want is to celebrate with a night of nostalgia, listen to your favorite music and relive the beautiful memories of your 45 years together.

After all, he has been married for 16,425 days or 394,200 hours or 23,652,000 minutes, which is more than 1,419 million seconds, why open one of his favorite bottles of wine or champagne and enjoy remembering the past.

45 years wedding anniversary gifts

The 45th wedding anniversary gifts is also known as the sapphire wedding anniversary, but you don’t have to celebrate the occasion by buying a precious gem from your parents.

There are many other gifts inspired by sapphire that are not so expensive.

1. Sapphire Jewelry

If you cannot buy a genuine sapphire, there are many semi-precious stones, crystals, and cut glass that has the same bright blue color, such as tourmaline and blue topaz.

You can buy your father a pair of cufflinks or a tie pin with a stone that looks like sapphire, while your mother will undoubtedly love a pair of earrings, a necklace, or a ring with a matching stone.

2. Home decorations

Sapphire is a striking blue color, so home decorations in this color can be ideal gifts. 

You can look for dark blue glass vases, wine decanters, and glasses, platters, and glass art to decorate, according to the Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts website.

3. Clothing

If your parents’ sleepwear or bedding needs to renew, you can give them some sapphire blue bathrobes, pajamas, or sheets. 

Blue nightwear and bedding are not only an economical gift for the sapphire anniversary but also, according to the Color Matters website, the color blue has a calming effect, which can help your parents rest better at night.

4. An experience in blue

Gifts are not limited to those that you can unwrap, wear, or wear. Experiences can be something beautiful to receive, and that can create great memories.

So, why not organize a picnic or blue dinner for your parents? 

Include all your favorite fancy meals, invite your friends and attend them for a genuine blue celebration.

You can even ask guests to wear something blue, serve a blue cocktail to start, or bake a blueberry cheesecake for dessert.

What to give her husband for his 45th wedding anniversary?


What to give to a man who has everything? 

It can be expensive presents for your beloved spouse.

For example:

  1. Cigarette case. A stylish cigarette case made of metal or even silver is an accessory for a real gentleman. In honor of the anniversary, you can add a cigarette case with a personal engraving.
  2. Damask for drinks. A refined accessory for drinks is ideal for men of 45 years. Pay attention to designer damask, for example, a cognac damask made of Bohemian crystal.
  3. Unusual portrait. A cool gift for 45 years to a husband from his wife is a portrait of a birthday man. For example, it can be a photo mosaic on canvas, which is a portrait of the hero of the day, assembled from many small photographs.
  4. Activities and travel. Want to make an unforgettable gift for your husband? These may be emotions that the spouse will never forget. It can also be a fun family trip.
  5. Decoration. The 45th anniversary is a beautiful anniversary that can capture with the help of elegant men’s jewelry with engraving.

How to make a gift to a man with your own hands?


If you want to make a custom gift, then it can be a gift to a man for 45 years with a joke. Such playful presents can make with your own hands. For example:

  1. Basket for a beer lover. Such a basket fill with beer and all kinds of snacks and snacks.
  2. Basket football fan. This present includes various attributes of a fan of a football or other sports game.
  3. Poster. It can be a poster with funny inscriptions, congratulations, and photos of the birthday person.
  4. Comic medal. A 45-year-old human-made badge for a man is funny but at the same time, honorable present — the decoration made from any improvised materials: foil, clay, paper.

Forty-fifth wedding anniversary is the age when a man can be pleased with both practical and useful, as well as comic presentations.

And even with toys: any man will be happy with advanced radio-controlled models and drones. And, of course, do not forget about warm wishes!

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