August 14, 2020
38th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Gifts Ideas For 38th wedding anniversary – The Ultimate Guide

38th Wedding Anniversary Gift


You have to celebrate the 38th wedding anniversary gift of your wedding as an extraordinary day.

As much as all these years ago and that is why after 38 years of being married.

You really must push the boat, and you have to buy something beautiful for your wife or husband to express how much they mean to you.

38th wedding anniversary gift Symbols

Traditional gift – United Kingdom   

USA – Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Spain Jade

German Fire – Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Russia Mercury

France Mercury Traditional gift 

Traditional gift – Italy Jade

Flower gift Flower the flowers of the season

Gemstone gift Gemstone Beryl

Modern gift Tourmaline

Before buying the 38th-anniversary gift, you should know that the traditional gemstone is Beryl, it is colorless, with traces of different impurities that are responsible for the full range of colors that are in this gemstone.

Beryl is said to bring creativity, reduce fatigue, and increase intelligence. It has been used as a talisman stone for artists of all kinds, but especially sculptors.

The gift of the alternative gemstone is tourmaline, and this stone symbolizes love and friendship; it is said to eliminate negativity, fear, nervousness, and increase the strength of the body and mind. A jewelry gift can show understanding, respect, and love.

Buy what you buy as a 38th wedding anniversary gift, but be sure to choose a gift to please your partner, it can be a bouquet with the colors that worn this season of your anniversary.

You are not obligated in this anniversary or others to follow the tradition, apart from that, the 38th anniversary has no traditional gifts.

But many different items can be purchased to show your love and appreciation for your marriage that is entering its thirty-eighth year.

38th wedding anniversary gift ideas

38th wedding anniversary gift ideas
38th wedding anniversary gift ideas

There are options from the most unique, such as a love letter, to more elaborate ones, such as dedication a book with personal love poems.

1. The regular letter

The love letter is inevitable. 

No matter how you make it, if simple to express only your little thoughts of love on a sheet of paper or one with more dedication in which you demonstrate your talent in crafts or, at least, your good intention.

It may be the main gift or a perfect accompaniment to another gift.

2. Album of lovers

Surely you have many photographs that you have not printed, a year before the wedding and from that great and special day.

Make an album in which you put the quality photographs in chronological order. 

Choose which she looks lovely cocktail dress, but also in those that seek natural or some funny compromising moment that they remember. 

It will be fun to see how they have evolved as a couple.

3. Love puzzle

Search or take a particular photo for you in which both come out fantastic. It may be the one taken at the restaurant where the engagement ring was delivered or an image that feels special but is of good quality.

The same vendor who entrusts with his original wedding memories can print that photo in a custom puzzle.

Can you imagine the face your partner will wear when he starts to see the hints of their faces? He will love it!

4. Box of surprises

In a fully enclosed wooden box, enter 12 pieces of paper with signs that contain a prize or detail for your partner.

For example, a foot massage, an invitation to your favorite restaurant, buy the shirt of your favorite team.

Anyway, what you can think of and that you can fulfill, of course. Your partner will have to take a piece of paper every month on the same day of their anniversary and demand prize. You dare?

5. Poetry to celebrate

Select 12 poems or songs that you dedicate to the love of your life and make it a book. If you have a talent for writing, fine-tune the pen.

If not, you can inspire by authors such as Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Octavio Paz, José Emilio Pacheco, Jaime Sabines and Mario Benedetti. 

Surely those words, songs, and fragments of books they used as texts for wedding invitations still resonate in your memory.

And surely some others ruled them out because they were too intimate to share with their loved ones. Now is the time!

6. Jewelry

A jewelry is a unique and traditional piece that has the power to concentrate a symbol, an emotion, a link between two people.

Just as the circumference of the white gold engagement rings and the wedding alliances evokes eternity and that choker loaned to the bride can summarize the history of a family, choose what jewel will crystallize that first year of marriage. 

7. Churumbela

Do you want to show off with a jewel? 

Ideally, for an anniversary gift are the famous churumbelas, rings in which a stone place for each anniversary.

In addition to looking beautiful in your hand, next to the Tiffany engagement ring and the wedding ring, it will be exciting to put the stone every year. Let them be 50 stones!

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