July 7, 2020
35 year anniversary gift

20 Best 35th Wedding Anniversary Gifts (2020) : The Ultimate Guide

35 year anniversary gift


Once again, I welcome my readers! Do you know what to give a woman for 35 years? 

Which present will a young woman enjoy most on her 35th birthday gifts? 

I definitely can’t answer. Moreover, it has just been a 35th-anniversary gifts.

And to listen to old grandmothers, so they say: the best gift will be the one that you give with concern for the health of the birthday girl. 

Only here something powerfully overcomes doubts. It is unlikely that wool socks will please a 35-year-old woman more than gold jewelry. So here, we women.

But, jokes are jokes, and we won’t find the answer to the question.

What to give a woman for 35 years: romance rules

“Presentations with a romantic connotation will please every birthday girl. A woman who is 35 years old, especially.”

Household weekdays or working days have long pushed her into another dimension, where the life of a wife, mother, and housewife is a complete pragmatism.

Therefore, the husband, so that the spouse does not burn out in the family hearth.

It is obliged to give her romance for this anniversary.

  1. Start with a breathtaking experience: touch the sky together in a balloon.
  2. Organize a country horse ride.
  3. What about a 35-volley blinding salute?
  4. Let her feel beautiful by ordering a deluxe hotel room and arrange a romantic meeting for lovers – with fruits, glasses of champagne, and, of course, with a jacuzzi.
  5. Buy your wife for the anniversary that natural fur coat that she liked during her recent shopping in the fur salon. The main thing is not to mistake with the missus size.
  6. If your financial condition does not allow you to purchase costly gifts, then give a stylish tablet-transformer. An excellent device, with it it will be very convenient both at home and beyond. The present will delight a 35-year-old woman with her versatility. Smooth movement, and you have a tablet instead of a laptop. Conveniently! We wrote a great post on a computer, and the keyboard no longer need- you can lie around, read a book on a tablet. You can take it with you on any trip.
  7. Present, finally, a new phone. Not very original, but gadgets are updated continuously, will gladly replace the old phone.
  8. An excellent choice is a certificate by which she can choose a watch. This item still emphasizes the individuality of the owner and looks gorgeous.

A gift to a wealthy woman who has everything

It is incredibly difficult to please a lady who has everything. How is it helpful to hit her and make her birthday happy?

This question sometimes torments relatives, friends and acquaintances.

It is necessary to proceed from our criteria: we women value gifts (and feel!) Bought thoughtfully.

  1. T-shirts or sweatshirts with a photo of a young woman will become a spiritual gift.
  2. Hither with a name case for her newfangled phone.
  3. Do you know that she worships tea ceremonies? Present a luxurious porcelain tea set. 
  4. An expensive gift will bring the spirit of aristocracy to the home of the hostess.
  5. Antiques will be an attractive option: an elegant coffee table, a handmade chair, or original candlesticks. Try to ensure that the items correspond to the status of the birthday girl and look harmonious in the interior.

Cute mom, do it yourself.

For children, the 35th birthday of their beloved mother is an occasion to please her with handmade gifts. 

You can’t imagine with what joy your mother will accept a little hand-made thing with a bouquet.

I advise sons to find step-by-step instructions for 35 year anniversary gift on the web for how to make a small jewelry box for yourself.

She will be very welcome; my mother has accumulated a lot of gold and other items. And the father can give another decoration in honor of the round date.

Daughters can give their embroidery with beautiful patterns or even an art picture.

Make an unusual postcard with your mom’s photos. You can treat a culinary masterpiece – an anniversary cake.

Gifts for sister: let them feel support

The sister of the birthday girl needs to remember that at the age of 35, she needs your support, maybe even more than ever. 

Therefore, give her, in her way, sets for the kitchen. We seem to have a love for dishes at the genetic level. But by the age of 35, I want updates, so your gift can cause her great interest.

Does your sister love to cook? 

Facilitate her daily work in the kitchen, buy a food processor, electric meat grinder, mixer, or deep fat fryer.


An excellent presentation to your beloved sister will be the new bread machine or the latest multicooker model.

Modern technology helps prepare meals for the family, saving their time.

Give your sister everything that will decorate and create a cozy atmosphere in her home.

Gift for girlfriend

If you know a friend as a pragmatic person, without sentiment, try to give her:

  1. A great wallet, fashion bag, or gloves. These items never fall into the category of extra collections.
  2. Spare battery for smartphone. The gadget will always be in touch.
  3. The book is in a beautiful binding. Now we have almost all the literature in electronic form. However, the novel is magnificent binding will attract attention.

If the birthday girl is a colleague

Office computer accessories

A colleague is supposed to present practical presentations for such a birthday, which she will use every day at work.

  1. Office computer accessories,
  2. noticeable diaries
  3. stylish stationery.

However, do not forget to dry such a formal business style with unexpected and funny surprises.

  1. Order a musical congratulation on her favorite radio wave.
  2. Organize a draw – a call to the office number of the birthday of some celebrity.

Presenting a traditional envelope with money is now considered bad form.

It will be more pleasant for a young woman to receive a subscription to a fitness club, solarium or pool, various certificates from her colleagues.

Buy some blank in the gift store: photo frames without a picture, figurines without a face image, and something like that in 35 year anniversary gift.

Such items need to finish with your own hands. Put a little imagination, work – and you made a unique gift yourself.

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