August 14, 2020
Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Beautiful 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas : The Ultimate Guide

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas


The 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas are also known as pearl weddings or as a thirtieth anniversary, and as you can guess, pearls are the official traditional gift of this anniversary. 

The hidden object inside the shell of an oyster is one of the most exquisite and precious jewels imaginable.

Pearl; symbolizes hidden beauty, purity, charity, honesty, integrity, and wisdom, all the best that is within us. 


The pearl reminds the maturing couple of the true beauty that we have inside and that the most valuable is the experience of life shared with another.

Each anniversary year mark by a specific gift and found in both traditional and modern gifts. 

For 30 years, pearls are the traditional gift, the most popular gift ideas for women include pearl earrings, pearl necklace, or a pearl bracelet. 

For men, pearl cufflinks or a pearl tie pin are popular traditional options while the diamond is the modern gift.

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband
30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband

The celebration of the 30th wedding anniversary is a date important enough to celebrate in style and also entertain your husband or wife with a gift that you never forget.

But, at the time of the election, many doubts may arise about what is the best gift to surprise your partner after 30 years of life in common. 

Precisely, that is why we will review some of the most beautiful and original gift ideas for the 30th wedding anniversary. Do not miss it!

1. Romantic dinner

A perfect option for each other may be the organization of a romantic dinner. Those who have a larger budget can, for example, to that restaurant they always wanted to go and for economic reasons.

They could not afford, or, on the contrary, those other couples who have a tighter budget can organize a romantic and intimate dinner at home with everything ready to be an unforgettable evening: candles, music, champagne, etc.

2. Diamond ring

Focusing on women’s gifts, perhaps, the celebration of the 30th anniversary may be the perfect time to surprise your wife with a diamond ring.

If you are thinking of surprising your partner, also, with a detail of jewelry but your budget is not so high, you can also choose from an extensive catalog of varieties of earrings, necklaces, rings, or bracelets that fit your pocket.

3. Bottle of wine or sports driving course

Thus, for example, wives can surprise their husbands with a large bottle of wine, in the case of those who like the most delicate wines, a sports driving course.

You can also surprise with an elegant and luxurious watch with which to enjoy the most romantic hours in the best company.

4. Honeymoon trip to a place

We finish the review of gift ideas for the 30th wedding anniversary with a proposal designed for the couple’s children.

Why not organize a honeymoon trip to a place the couple always dreamed of knowing?

Among the different proposals you can give them a honeymoon trip in the form of a cruise or a honeymoon in your country.

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents
30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for parents

Memories for pearl weddings, as the name implies, must contain pearls so that they become an evocation of this special anniversary as tradition says.

Here we offer some ideas, but it will be the parents who can make them more personal and meaningful because, without a doubt, they are the ones who know each other best and those who can fully succeed with the gifts.

1. Jewelry

Of course, jewels are the most straightforward resource for these gifts, although they do not have to be something predictable and classic. 

They can set in rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and even in men’s cufflinks or tie pins.

The important thing is to find a design that is special for the parents, that reminds them of something special in their lives, something that unites them.

The possibilities are endless, and it is worth spending some time finding the perfect jewel.

2. Ons

The pearls are so versatile that they can also found in accessories such as handbags, purses, scarves, gloves, shoes, headdresses, hats, and caps.

3. Flowers

The classic bouquet can become something much more significant if you find a florist or gift shop where you place pearls on the flowers of the smell or by way of decoration. Seeing those little pearls between flowers and leaves will be a small surprise that will undoubtedly encourage more than one smile.

4. Dream catcher

Dream catchers are magical objects of American Indians that serve to catch pleasant dreams and useful ideas and also protect those who own them.

In the mesh that makes up the dream catcher, pearls can be inserted to ensure that this object becomes a symbol of the pleasant dreams and hopes that the parents have about their marriage on this thirtieth wedding anniversary.

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for couples is a special celebration to honor the love and commitment that a couple has shared.

So such a special occasion deserves an equally special gift.

1. Pearls

Pearls are the traditional gift for the 30th anniversary. A woman can give a pearl necklace or a necklace with a pearl pendant or a pearl bracelet.

A man can receive pearl cufflinks or pearls of equal value.

2. Diamonds

Diamond is the modern version of the traditional gift for the 30th anniversary. It is relatively easy to find a diamond gift for both men and women.

You can buy a pin for diamond ties or cufflinks for a man, while diamond jewelry such as a pendant, a ring or earrings, are perfect for a woman.

3. Printed souvenir

A custom made gift for a couple can have as much meaning as diamonds or pearls. 

One option is a “printed souvenir”; Couples can send photos of the places where they shared unforgettable moments with artists to create a collage with the locations.

4. Photography

If you are going to give an anniversary gift, a beautiful photo of the couple in a personalized frame is the best option. 

You can personalize the frame with their names, the years they have marry and the date of their wedding along with a personal message.

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