August 14, 2020
3 Year Anniversary Gift

3 Year Anniversary Gift For Her and Him : The Ultimate Guide

3 Year Anniversary Gift


The meaning of Leather Weddings is that the couple has been married for three years and that, therefore, both are perfectly aware of the strength of their marriage.

The road may have been easy, or maybe there have been problems, but the important thing is that they keep walking together, and it is a cause for celebration!

The relationship is now more mature, and the couple already knows each other thoroughly, with their virtues and their defects. 

Without a doubt, it has been mutual learning that has strengthened and enriched their relationship. Leather precisely represents the durability of marriage.

3 Year anniversary gift for husband

3 Year anniversary gift for husband
3 Year anniversary gift for husband

As tradition dictates, this third-anniversary gifts for husband touches the couple to make gifts that made of similar material, in this case, leather.

Here we leave some ideas that can be useful to surprise the other at such a special moment.

1. A belt

It may seem a little romantic gift; some would say that the distinguished award give to a father or grandfather.

But, what if a date or a particular phrase inscribe on the inside of the belt?

You can also engrave the buckle with something representative of the couple.

2. Some shoes

A popular gift that never fails, mainly because the couple knows their tastes and can give the other with that pair of shoes they always wanted.

These shoes can accompany with a card that encourages the couple to release them for an extraordinary date.

3. A wallet

You can put inside a particular photograph, tickets to the cinema or theater, or a voucher for a romantic dinner.

4. A photo album


What better way to express the durability of marriage than using a photo album made of leather? 

The feeling of robustness when taking it in your hands will be a perfect symbol of the Leather Weddings.

5. Leather portrait


On the Internet, you can find websites to send a photograph that they later reproduce in leather. It can be a beautiful memory of the Leather Weddings.

6. A personalized agenda or notebook


If the activities or the work of the couple requires it, an agenda or a notebook with the covers in leather and some illustration or particular phrase can be a great gift to remember the Leather Weddings every day.

3 year anniversary gift ideas for him 

The details to give you what I propose here are very cheap, and you can make them yourself.

With a little creativity, you can elaborate details that although they are not very expensive, they will mean a lot to him.

But if you prefer to go for the most practical, then you can get some spectacular gifts at the best price. 

The advantage of this option is that if you are very busy, you will not have to spend time making gifts yourself, and the detail will be professional.

1. Cards and photos


On that momentous day for you and your boyfriend, we suggest you remember some of the happiest moments of your relationship and translate them into small cards or small photos.

2. Box of surprises


For this second idea, the proposal we make is to pamper your boyfriend with a box of surprises in which you include some of your favorite foods, along with other small details.

In this box, you can include things like sweets, cupcakes, your favorite soda, a cup decorated with phrases or images suitable for the occasion, some chocolates, and you can also add photos of both.

3. Original key rings


Since this day is extraordinary, why not have a permanent physical memory? 

To carry out this idea, you can customize critical chains, chains, or rings.

Of course, these objects can purchase with words or phrases that already include, or you can buy them with nothing added so that you can personalize them yourself.

In them, you can include the names of you two, the date on which they began their relationship, the phrase of a song that identifies them, or even a message that you want your boyfriend to remember forever.

This idea is fantastic because with this you will get everyone to wear something that complements the other, it is also a perfect memory for those days when they may not be able to spend much time together.

3rd anniversary gift ideas for couple

Every year of couples is an anniversary blessing. The more have time to pass, the harder it is to find the perfect gift, while it becomes more essential for us to give something to our partner.

Do you want some ideas of what to do?

Critical, it becomes for us to give something to our partner.

Sometimes our partner guesses precisely what we want or gives us something so romantic that we don’t want to stay behind and want to provide it with something much better. 

It is the way we say to our couple “thank you” for their loyalty, their company, and the love they give us every day.

I share a list that I consider are the best gifts we can give our couples.

1. A video

You can make a video with the song they danced at their wedding and photos.

2. A picture of when they met, framed.


You can search for the oldest photo you have together. You can add the date in the frame.

3. A letter or a poem.


Although it is not much sure, sometimes we forget to express how we feel. Take this opportunity to express your feelings.

You can do it creatively. 

4. Your self creativity and the time you have is the limit.


You can put it in your room in the living room. It is a very romantic way to remember the essential places in your relationship.

5. Repeat the first date.


Repeat what they ate if they went to a restaurant, or go to the same place where they went on their first date.

6. Organize your workplace or hobby at home


You can organize where you keep your tools or your stuff for manual work that you do at home.

If your partner likes to paint, you can arrange a space where you can do it and equip it with the things you need.

If you do not have an office, you can make a small one. Dedicate a house space just for him or her.

3 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend

The 3rd anniversary gift ideas are the ideal time to fan the flame of love using creativity. 

The bouquets and the boxes of chocolates, although they never go out of style, are predictable and announce a lack of dedication very little time on a day like this.

If gift what you are looking for is to break traditions and make the surprise unforgettable, these 20 ideas for 3 year anniversary gift can make a difference.

1. Visit unknown places


The more intimate and picturesque the environment, the easier it will be to connect so that the evening is magical.

2. Camping under the stars


Not everyone knows how to celebrate a wedding anniversary to make it memorable, especially when the date approaches and the possibilities reduce with each passing day.

But you don’t have to be a great master of ceremonies since sometimes nature can handle the event. 

Finding a location from which you can observe the starry sky, install a tent, open a bottle of wine and sleep under the stars is, for many, the perfect plan.


3. Make a romantic getaway


For the most romantic, one of the best ideas to celebrate the wedding anniversary is still to escape from everyday life and escape to a heavenly corner.


An excellent way to do this is to go to the job of the girlfriend before the departure time and ask him to leave earlier to catch a plane and spend the rest of the week walking along the shore of the beach, dining and chatting under Candlelight

4. Relive the moment you met


Remembering happy moments together will always be the best balm for the differences that arise in the relationship, but remembering the moment you met will be like restarting everything and reliving the tickles of the beginning.

It is not necessary to carry out great anniversary ideas for boyfriends if you can simulate the first meeting.

5. Parachute jump


Every year that passes is more difficult to surprise, and from the third the thing gets uphill.

They may have already done many things together, so the options to remain original are not so obvious.

As at certain heights, the confidence is total; those looking for ideas for the anniversary of girls friends of 3 years or more can test it by hiring a parachute jump. It will be an activity impossible to forget.

3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife

The wedding anniversary deserves to celebrate, and the flowers are one of the best gifts that every man could give to his wife because, without them, the romance is incomplete.

Giving flowers to your partner, friends, or family will convey to them your best wishes, and everyone will be surprised by the tender detail.

Each wedding anniversary is a renewal of commitment, and although the years go by and you may enter the routine, it never hurts to have details with your better half, so you know how important it is in your life.

However, when you are far away, a simple phone call will not suffice. Therefore, the best option is to add a home delivery of flowers.

1. Flowers


There is nothing better than a bouquet of pink or red carnations that relate to the love, appreciation, and desire you feel for whoever receives it.

2. Breakfast in bed


There is nothing more romantic than giving your partner a lunch in bed. Get up early and prepare breakfast for both of you toast with butter, jams, yogurt with fruits, cereals, juices.

Take it to bed along with a fresh flower and an anniversary card. It will love it!

3. Paper gift


Tradition says that the anniversary ideas must give the couple some paper. 

Buy a few sheets of decorated paper and write a few words from the heart, thinking about the year you spent together and declaring your love again.

4. Romantic dinner


If you have been thinking about going to a new restaurant that you have told about, this is the ideal occasion!

Reserve a table for a romantic dinner with your partner, order a good wine, and remember your first year together.

5. A new ring


Another way to celebrate the first anniversary of the link is with a new ring, something different and original that ratifies your union.

You will only celebrate your first year of friendship once, so it is worth having a reminder of this particular moment.

3 year anniversary gift traditional

1. Traditional


Today we say everything through WhatsApp, email, or Snapchat, but nothing is more tender than a letter written by hand by the person you love.

You can leave it on the bed, accompanied by rose petals.

2. Modern


A useful gift is a set of personalized cards and sheets with their initials. Surely not a day will go by without using them!

3. Romantic


If your husband considers himself a lover of love, give him a compilation of your favorite poems. Giving a book is a very personal gesture and, if you add romantic phrases, it will be much more special.

4. Adventurous


Give him a diary to write his travel experiences. Upon returning, you can share some of his anecdotes.


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