August 14, 2020
2nd wedding anniversary gift

2nd wedding anniversary gift : The Ultimate Guide Fruit and Flower Ideas

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift


2nd wedding anniversary gift celebrate when a couple has completed two years of marriage.

Cotton represents all the delicacy and purity that both have managed to achieve since, at this point in marriage.

It interpreted that there are no longer any secrets between them and that they have come to know each other more deeply.

Cotton weddings

The relationship consolidate even more, and they may be considering acquiring new responsibilities. Many wedding couples always to have their first child precisely after serving two years of marriage.

Cotton also symbolizes adaptability and versatility, two aspects that surely the couple has had to put into practice during their second year of marriage to reach a perfect understanding and rapport.



According to tradition, the marriage has to exchange gifts that made with the anniversary material they are celebrating least, that contain it in a meaningful way. In this case, spouses have to think about gifts with cotton to show others how special it is to celebrate the second year of marriage.

1. A garment.

This garment, of course, has to be made of cotton. It can be a personalized t-shirt, with some special message, or just something that known that the other will be very excited.

2. A bathrobe for the shower

Again, the idea is that it is something original and has meaning for the other. How about bathrobes with the initials of both embroidered?

2nd wedding anniversary gift idea

2nd wedding anniversary gift idea
2nd wedding anniversary gift idea

1. A set of towels  

They can be fun or romantic, they can be bought somewhere unique and can also be customized to become the symbol of the Cotton Weddings.

2. Bedding

We are not referring to a classic cotton game but to something more unique, perhaps some Egyptian cotton sheets in suggestive colors that predict a more than perfect end of celebration.

3. Custom cushion covers

An effortless gift in which to put creativity to the top to make something fun, meaningful, and unique for both of you.

4. Funny aprons

This option is exclusive for couples who love cooking, especially if they enjoy cooking together. Personalized aprons can much encourage those moments that they share between stoves.

5. A bouquet made with cotton

Not only does it leave the topic of fresh or dried flowers, but it will also be a lasting bouquet that will forever symbolize the second year of marriage.

Cotton wedding bouquet

1. Cushion of memories

A very original gift is to print the wedding certificate on two pillows as a reminder of the happiest day in the couple’s life.

2. Photo embroidered in cotton

On the Internet, you can find websites where they do this type of work. The couple can choose one of their favorite photos to embroider on a cotton cloth that can later frame.

3. Tablecloth and personalized napkins

A cotton board game with the initials embroidered or some reason that is special for the couple can become the perfect complement to the intimate dinners that the marriage shares in the future.

4. Blanket for two customized

What is more romantic than on those autumn or winter afternoons the couple sits down to watch a movie or chat while hugging under a blanket?

Cotton Weddings are a perfect occasion to give a blanket with the initials of both embroideries or any other reason that is special for them.


The second year of marriage means that the relationship has settled and that the new life in common begins to be invaded by the daily tasks that may have left aside the romanticism of the first year.

We must solve this! Here we propose some ideas for the couple to continue maintaining the illusion of the day they were married while keeping their eyes straight ahead in their future in common.

Do crazy. If the couple is daring, an decide to parachute, bungee jump, or climb a cliff.

In the opposite case, they can do other things like a radical change of look both together, go to an exotic food restaurant that they have never tried or get in the car and decide at the last moment where to go.

Relive the first date. During the second year of marriage, the couple is more immersed in the routines of day-to-day work, household chores, work.

What better way to bring back to the foreground the illusion and romanticism of the first days that reliving the first date? 

You can go to that restaurant where they were the first time they left, or visit the place were kissed for the first time or go dancing to the disco where they met.

The first-anniversary date

The first-anniversary date

Spend the day together without doing anything.

No more the couple can dedicate that day to be together, to enjoy each other’s company, to make a place for them on a day-to-day basis.

There is no need to do anything special: maybe they can stay in bed late, cook something together while they talk, throw themselves on the couch to chat, to “waste time.”

Surely they will realize what they have missed those times.

1. Spa day

This idea is that the couple spend a day alone and relaxing, dedicating themselves only to themselves. It will help them to spend time together and at the same time, to tune the body and mind.

2. Romantic camping trip

The two alone, in the middle of nature, with a small fire, silence, and the stars on them. What better way to live a magical getaway?


Usually, It is the same way and have fun decorating their home for this day so special. Here we leave some ideas to celebrate the Cotton Weddings.

An idea can be to decorate the house with small branches of cotton on the department.

They can be placed inside the vases or left on the table as a decorative element, also the sofa or the bed. The softness and delicacy of cotton have to reign that day in the home of marriage.

And how about using one of those small cotton branches as a complement in the dressing room symbol the two?

They can wear in the form of a clasp on the clothes or also decorating the bag.

3. Decorate the house with cotton

You can also place small glass jars filled with cotton on the shelves of the house that can decorate strategic or unique places.

If the couple is going to celebrate a romantic dinner, cotton can be present on the tablecloth, on the napkins, and in the vase that decorates the table.

They can confectionary both names or initials with cottons and place them in a special place in the home. This idea can also use to write a phrase full of meaning as a good morning or when both arrive from work ready to celebrate such a special day.


Sometimes special moments are even more so when they accompany by phrases that will remember forever. 

Here are some phrases that the couple can exchange at the time of celebrating their Cotton Weddings and also expressions that their closest friends can dedicate to them in this particular moment.

My love is as true today as it was two years ago. Softness and delicacy of your heart is like this cotton. We celebrate our second anniversary of a beautiful life.

We wish you good luck, health, and much love. May the next some years be even more beautiful than these two that you have already shared.

  1. I still can’t believe that these two years have passed so quickly. Time flies by your side, or perhaps, only, it is your love that made me fly.
  2. I was present on your wedding day, and today I feel delighted to celebrate with you the continuity and solidity of your love after these two years.
  3. It’s been two years since you have got married. Happy anniversary, my love, I would marry you every day.
  4. I hope you like this cotton gift. May our love continue to grow with each anniversary.
  5. I could write very cheesy or impressive phrases, but I preferred to write a sincere and straightforward expression that comes straight from my heart. I love you, even more, today than two years ago when we got married.
  6. Two years ago, I married the prettiest girl. Today I still share my life with a woman as delicate and beautiful as these cotton flowers.

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