August 14, 2020
29th Anniversary Gift

10 Sweet 29th Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide

29th Anniversary Gift

The celebration of the 29th wedding anniversary is as important as everyone else. 

Husband is the person who brings the best of you. It is not perfect, but it is always perfect for you.

The only element that is associated with the gift of the 29th anniversary gift is a piece of furniture.

Unlike there are many of the other wedding anniversary dates, the 29th wedding anniversary of the year does not have any real traditional symbols or materials associated with it, and this is quite unusual.

It does not mean that you cannot buy jewelry or flowers for your loved one, especially if he or she likes certain types of flowers or precious stones.

As you have been with each other for almost 30 years, you will know exactly what the other likes in terms of his taste for furniture. 

So you can take advantage of this and buy a two-seater sofa for the living room or some garden furniture if the warmer months are making a dent.


29th wedding anniversary gift

Friends of the family who will invite to the celebration can present gifts related to the symbols of the holiday itself.

  • Usually, on the 29th anniversary of married life, they give large bath towels, the texture of which resembles velvet. Be sure to give paired items. It is quite possible to order commemorative embroidery on them or make a personalized one. As for color, it is better to choose red and burgundy shades. They will be associated with velvet.
  • A bedding set can be a good anniversary gift. When choosing it, be sure to pay attention to the quality of the material. Bed linen should be natural, durable, and pleasant to the touch. As for color, you can choose any. But, of course, it is preferable to give a set of shades of red on this day.
  • Also, a couple of rugs can present to husband and wife for the 29th anniversary of marriage. They must be substantial, soft, warm, and comfortable. Now you can easily find products that look like velvet in texture. This gift for a velvet wedding will appeal to everyone, without exception.
  • As a presentation, decorative pillows for sofas and armchairs are suitable. These things may well be directly from velvet. They will look original in any interior. Many especially anniversary order pillows in the form of hearts with the initials of the spouses. Such a gift will take its rightful place in the private bedroom of the spouses.


29th wedding anniversary gift for husband

Indeed, there are also beautiful ideas for the male wedding for the velvet wedding.

A new suit always likes to find its place in the wardrobe. The matching velvet tie or bow tie and a velvet handkerchief and the look is complete.

Since we’re talking about velvet, would not a trip to Venice or Milan in the footsteps of the old stuff be something special? 

If you do not like the idea of ​​velvet, try a new backpack or voucher for sporting activities such as a canoe tour, paintball, karting, or even a tandem jump?

Always an excellent idea can also be personalized gifts for the newlyweds. These often found on the internet.

In the end, the gift should be a side issue anyway. Because more important is the time together and the beautiful moments you spend together with your loved one.

Because such moments are unique and priceless.

29th wedding anniversary gift for you 

You invite to a velvet wedding, or you are perhaps the spouse and do not yet know what you should give your wife? 

Here are some ideas for you.

Of course, for this wedding day gifts in velvet in the form of clothing such as a beautiful dressing gown or a smart nightgown.

Another option would be jewelry, such as bracelets or collars in a velvet-related casket. Also, a sofa cushion or a soft velvet cover would be a great idea.

But who says it has to be something bought at all? 

Surprise your relatives with something homemade, this always has a functional status and shows that they are essential to you.

Aside from the velvet, you can, of course, also give other things. So how about an excellent new houseplant or a homemade liqueur? 

For those who want to rich dig a little deeper into the bag would be a new bike for typical bike tours but also a great idea.

29th anniversary gift for parents


Of course, the 29th anniversary gift for parents, with its name as a velvet anniversary, offers various gift possibilities. A pretty sofa cushion in velvet cover can be found, for example, to any decorating style. You can also get cozy velvet bedding, and a velvety cuddly blanket would also be a gift idea that follows the slogan “29th anniversary gift for parents “.

But of course, it is not a must to select the present according to the theme of velvet. 

Especially for a wedding day, homemade gifts have a high priority, because they show that the jubilation pair is at your heart.

You may even want to involve the children in gift making and opt for an original mobile. Or decorate a bottle with different wax residues, which you then fill with a homemade liqueur.

Of course, it may be for the 29th parent’s anniversary, a pretty houseplant, or a new plant for the garden. 

Who wants to spend a little more money, donated a new barbecue, because the next barbecue season is determined.

  • Sofa cushions with velvet cover soft, comfortable velvet bedding
  • Velvet cuddly blanket
  • Self-made mobile
  • Bottle decorated with wax, filled with homemade liqueur
  • Great houseplant or garden plant
  • A new barbecue

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