August 14, 2020
25 year Anniversary Gift

Top 10 Silver & 25 year Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide

25 year Anniversary Gif


Silver wedding gift ideas for couples these ideas will help you. Silver weddings are one of the most important dates of marriage.

This date celebrate as a great achievement. 

Usually, a party or reception held in which the closest relatives and friends invite.

If you invite one of these celebrations and you have no idea what to give to the honoree, here are some good proposals that will help you choose better.

25 year anniversary gift traditional

25 year anniversary gift traditional
25 year anniversary gift traditional

1. Custom cups


A glasses kit with a bottle of good wine will be an excellent gift. It will be even better if the cups are customized.

You can buy them simple and send them to record with the names of the spouses and the anniversary date.


2. 25 years old reminder plate


A perfect way to reward the couple for such a valuable achievement is to give them a heart-shaped plaque.

If you are a family friend and you know them very well, you can add some text to the plaque and the names of the spouses, as well as the date of marriage and age of the anniversary.  


3. Jewelry


It is common to give silver accessories such as bracelets, key chains, chains, or any other type of silver accessory.

They usually mark with the names or the date of the anniversary.

It will always be an excellent gift to use this metal.



4. Flowers


Flowers will always be remembered for decorative and to brighten that day. We advise using several 25 flowers in the bouquet to be allusive to the 25th anniversary.

In their different presentations, with support, vase, or single colors or with a single color, they are always an excellent gift.


Unique 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas

Tickets for your favorite play
Tickets for your favorite play

For couples who celebrate their silver wedding and are lovers of shows, we can offer you some ideas.

A ticket to see your favorite concert, in addition to being a beautiful gift, is something you will surely enjoy.

1. Tickets for your favorite play


As we always say, you have to meet the bride and groom to know their preferences. May our gift be in tune with the things they like classic works?

These are details that will make both the one who gives the tickets and the couple who celebrates it always remember. 

2. Subscription to a musical concert


A gift for when a silver wedding celebrate that can take full advantage of the couple’s musical skills and tastes is to give them tickets to a concert.

3. Ballet


If the couple dreams of the stage and their tastes are related to a more traditional show, you can give them tickets to a ballet.

It is a sure success if we know their tastes and dazzle them with our creativity to find the perfect gift for them at their silver wedding.


25th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For Couples

1. Romantic trip

If you are a close relative or child, this could be a good gift.

Gather the money by adding several of the family to give the ticket to the spouses. 

Let them go to the destination they have always dreamed of, or return to where they had their honeymoon.

2. Adventure Day


If the honored couple like adventure, then you can give them a day of experience. 

That day is the invitation to practice your favorite sport or be a hobby.


25 Year Anniversary Gift For Him

25 Year Anniversary Gift For Him
25 Year Anniversary Gift For Him

1. Day at spa


You can give them a day of relaxation and massage in a spa. 

It will leave a little of the routine and be devoted to being spoiled all that day of the anniversary of the silver wedding.

Some spas include a wide variety of therapies, massages, treatments to relax with seaweed, sauna, swimming pool, among many other activities perfect for a particular day.


2. Event tickets


If they are fans of any band, they will surely love this. You can choose between tickets for a play, a concert, even to attend dance or cooking classes.

It will depend on how much you know about the spouses’ tastes, but it sure is a perfect gift.

One suggestion is to prepare the gift yourself to show love and also reduce the costs of the celebration gift. Here is a tutorial with essential tips for making self cards.


25th anniversary gift ideas for friends

25th anniversary gift ideas for friends
25th anniversary gift ideas for friends

1. Framed Photography of friends


This option will be straightforward if you are the son of the honoree. Search the old albums or photo galleries for an old photo.

Maybe some of the dinner or one that takes when they were girlfriend dating. It can be with or without children, on vacation in the first years of marriage. With a suitable frame, it will be a very well valued gift.

2. Custom photo album


If you do not want just one photo, you can use several images to create an album with the best photographs taken during the last 25 years and add a text.

This sure gift will make you cry with emotion.

It will always be useful to take into account the tastes of the honoree. Knowing what they like or enjoy will make it easier to find the right gift.

The budget is also essential, of course. There are expensive gifts and others that are not very expensive, and that can have significant emotional value.

Handmade gifts carry significant meaning because they are the ones that use imagination to please, and this is a crucial point.

25 year anniversary quotes

25 year anniversary quotes

Wedding anniversaries celebrate for the first time after five years. The wedding days often carry an additional name.

Above all, the “Silver Wedding” is known, after 25 years and the “Golden Wedding” after 50 years. The names are national and partly regionally different.

More in our wedding portal. 

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