August 14, 2020
20th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Attractive 20th Wedding Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift


Congratulations, you have reached your 20th wedding anniversary or porcelain anniversary, and it is very likely to be the first anniversary celebrated with family and friends, as the actual achievement that it is.

The Chinese symbolizes the beautiful, elegant, and fragile nature of love. It is a reminder that you should not take your marriage for granted, but to continue taking care of him so that his love flourishes.

Like the Chinese, although fragile, it is also sturdy and durable, so a twenty-year marriage has stood the test of time.

Showing your husband or wife how much we appreciate them is more important than ever on this day. 

Your gift has to symbolize your endless love, along with the timelessness and delicacy of your marriage.

Fabulous gift ideas for the 20th wedding anniversary that symbolizes the features found in a lasting union, usually include the Chinese.

An elegant Chinese tea set, a delicate porcelain plate, or custom porcelain plates are perfect for a traditional couple.

20th wedding anniversary gifts for my husband

Porcelain wedding is an important date, marking the 20th anniversary of family life. 

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift All this time, the couple lived and cared for each other, so the date is an excellent occasion for celebration.

In anticipation of the holiday, it’s time to think about a gift to your beloved spouse. 

We will talk about the 20th anniversary most popular and unusual presentations for your husband, as well as about gifts made by yourself.

Spouses who have lived together for 20 years also give each other presents. But over the years spent together, they already know well the interests and tastes of their second half.

It greatly facilitates the process of choosing a presentation.

Gifts give for any celebration. It can be either simple souvenirs or useful things. Practical gifts are more common, as they will be not only pleasant, but also valuable for the future.

Options for useful surprises:

  • leather wallet; folding knife in the form of a credit card;
  • multifunctional office set;
  • picnic set;
  • barbecue set;
  • wrist heart rate monitor in the form of a bracelet;
  • desktop bar globe;
  • gift set of pens;
  • Warm plaid.
  • Lunch box with heating function.

20th Wedding Anniversary Gift You can also give jewelry to a man — for example, a signet, cufflinks, tie clip, bracelet, or chain. But since the symbols of this anniversary is platinum, it is preferable to choose jewelry from this material.

What is traditional gift for 20th anniversary?

What is traditional gift for 20th anniversary?
What is traditional gift for 20th anniversary?

The traditional symbol of the 20th anniversary of marriage is Chinese porcelain. This subtle, mysterious material recalls that love is a fragile and delicate sphere.

The name of this anniversary occurred precisely because of the properties of porcelain. 

It is more valuable than glass, but also fragile. And in family relationships the same thing – even after 20 years they still need protection and care.

Platinum adds to another symbol of the 20th anniversary of marriage. 

This material is known for its strength and resistance to external influences. So a married couple with such a long period of life together must have endurance and the ability to overcome various obstacles in life.

  • Each anniversary is an opportunity for spouses to diversify their everyday life and plunge into the holiday. 
  • The 20th anniversary of marriage for most couples is a special day and a significant anniversary. 
  • Some decide to spend it alone or with their family, while others arrange a big noisy celebration with many guests.


20th anniversary gift ideas for a couple

Not all couples reach the twentieth anniversary of their life together, so such an anniversary should be commemorative.

A surprise for couples should be original and bring a lot of vivid impressions because not only women need attention. 

The most memorable gifts have always been entertaining surprises that give emotions. Various activities and adventures will leave an impression for a long time.

  • Skydiving is a gift that is becoming more and more popular year after year. You can organize a single jump husband, or you’re joint. But first make sure that there are no health problems and contraindications for the spouse, as well as that he will be interested in such leisure.
  • You are flying in a balloon, helicopter or fighter.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Fishing.
  • You are going to a concert, a cinema or theater.
  • I am going to sporting events (football, hockey, etc.).
  • Picnic.
  • Racing on the maps.
  • Tour by jeeps or ATVs.
  • You are riding a boat.
  • You can play game of paintball, bowling, and billiards.
  • Certificate of Shooting.
  • You are visiting another city.
  • Book a hotel room for dinner. Choose a good hotel in advance and book a spacious room.
  • A party with friends is a surprise for a man who likes to be in company.

When organizing a gala dinner, always focus on the tastes of her couples in food.

Choose the kitchen of your couples. 

Wellness and relaxation complexes, including various types of massage and spa treatments, will also be pleasant and at the same time, useful gift.

20th anniversary gifts for husband

Gifts made independently are one of the most valuable presents for a loved one because you spend your time and skills creating it.

They resort to them not only when there is no money for an expensive thing, but also when they want to make a more individual gift, explicitly designed for the hero of the occasion.

For a porcelain wedding, you can give your spouse a collage of your joint photos taken over the past years of marriage. 

You can also create a video about your couple. It is easy to make such a present yourself if you have the appropriate computer program.

But if you do not have such skills, then contact any photo studio for help.

Husband will be pleased to review this film, remembering your life periodically.

  • Self-drawn portrait of a husband 
  • Wonderful crafts with the appropriate signature (“Beloved spouse,” “20 years of marriage,” etc.).
  • A cake with a congratulatory inscription is a traditional gift for most holidays.
  • Buy a simple white mug, and then make the desired inscription with a unique marker. Only first find out the exact spelling of the hieroglyphs so that there are no misunderstandings with an inappropriate signature.

What to give your husband for 20th wedding anniversary

  • Brand Swiss watches 
  • Recently, watches with ceramic elements that are suitable for a porcelain wedding have become popular.
  • Accessories for office
  • A large world map in a frame that will suit both a business person and a travel lover.
  • A telescope or spyglass if your husband is interested in the stars.
  • Functional binoculars are for the avid hunter.
  • Boardgame – for a lover to spend free time with his family or friends.
  • Easy Chair.
  • Handmade soap.
  • A bedding set or home dressing gown with a personalized embroidery.
  • New collector’s item.
  • A new tablet or phone is for a modern person who does not lag behind the rhythm of life.
  • Game console.
  • RC helicopter or car.
  • A DVD or media center in the car will help him pass the time behind the wheel.


20th wedding anniversary ideas

Porcelain weddings symbolize twenty years of marriage. 

They have accumulated many experiences and experiences of all kinds, always managing to move forward.

There is a tradition that the couple must exchange gifts that made, or at least contain, the material that identifies them on each anniversary.

In this case, the gifts have to made of porcelain, so let’s see some ideas.


1. Chinese porcelain piece


Chinese porcelain is beautiful and delicate but also resistant. 

There are beautiful designs of all kinds, so a good gift would be to find the perfect motif that represents the couple, be it a set of tea or coffee cups, a decorated plate, or a tableware for two.

2. Jewelry


We may not use to seeing them, but there is a whole repertoire of porcelain jewelry with designs of all kinds. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, cufflinks.

Porcelain is a very versatile material, and motifs of all kinds can find.

3. Game liquor


There are a set of porcelain bottle with small glasses of the same material that sold with a meticulous presentation in a wooden box.

It can be used to serve liquor of any kind or only as an element of home decoration.

4. Cups


Matching breakfast cups is always an auspicious gift. 

Also, there is a lot of variety to choose from, although, for an anniversary such as porcelain weddings, it would be most appropriate to customize it in some way to give it a distinctive touch that can be romantic, fun, or both!

what is the flower for 20th anniversary




It is believed to have provided a magical properties, so it becomes a talisman of love. It symbolizes patience and elegance.

Its star-shaped bloom represents a combination of deserved wisdom and good fortune.

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