July 7, 2020
18th Anniversary Gift

18th Anniversary Gift Traditional and Sweet Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

18th Anniversary Gift


The 18th anniversary gift moment that makes the transition from child to adult, from daily jokes to somewhat more serious discussions.

18th Anniversary Gift But which do not make the celebration lose its lust for life, on the contrary, it amplifies it, because it comes with exclusive rights.

And what better way to celebrate 18 years than through a successful party with loved ones.

If you are a guest too, you will surely want to give him a special gift, which is to his liking, whether it is your half, your best friend, a family member or a bank colleague.

We have prepared the top of the most unique and original gifts to increase, symbolic or funny, those that make him feel a new freedom, but also some that remind him that he becomes more responsible.

Tell him many years of age in a unique way, which he will not easily forget!

What gifts you can make to increase: unique ideas for the 18th anniversary

When you find out about the big party, you’re sure to ask yourself what gifts to take. 

The gifts which give at the age of majority must be by the old age.

I made some inspired ideas for gifts for 18 years, for both girls and boys, with a strong message back that will bring joy to the celebrated and build adulthood perfect!

1. Gifts for boys

18th Anniversary Gift At the age of 18, every boy changes into the status of a man, even if he wants some more time to play on the computer and will not forget the jokes of “boys” in high school quickly.

If you are wondering what is the right gift for a boy at the age of one.

These are selected gifts for you to make him feel like a real male, but not to forget the soul of the child.

Gifts to raise for the boyfriend


If your boyfriend is 18, you will want to choose a special gift to keep in mind for a long time. 

The most suitable gifts for the boyfriend to increase are those that show your partner the appreciation, the fact that you know his passions, and that you are with him in this new and beautiful stage of life.

Impress it with a luxurious shaving set or cologne water

Now that he is already a man, you can surprise him with slightly more mature gifts such as a luxurious shaving set, with a razor, shaving cream, and pad, or a colony water.

It will have an essential and symbolic accessory, which will not separate at the age of 18 but not after.

A shoulder bag or a purse to complement her outfit in style

Because you know that from now on, he will keep even more to his image, to be sure he will like a gift to complement his dress style.

Choose an elegant leather bag for men or a casual men’s handbag, depending on his preferences.

Buttons, for the high school banquet.

Your boyfriend is already a gentleman! Show him that you see this through a set of buttons offered for the raise.

  • Elegant and with good taste. 
  • The buttons can found in different models: the symbolic ones, in the form of 18 years, those with funny messages or those that capture the lover’s passion very well, such as football or driving. 

With such buttons, you will best prepare for the banquet party!

Gifts for your best friend

Finally, my best friend is 18! You both wanted this a lot, so you can have fun because he will also have a driver’s license and more pocket money.

At the birthday party, make a symbolic gift to show him that you are enjoying him with the new age and the benefits.

A leather wallet, to be more careful with money

So a wallet will give her the perfect place for it, plus, who knows, she may already have plans for her first job.

Choose a leather wallet, because you know that he likes quality things that last in time, just like your friendship.

Tablet case, for tech friend

Who doesn’t like technology?

Whether he is always playing or his passion is graphic design, surely your friend has a tablet with him wherever he goes. Take a pocket case to protect his tablet case and add personality to it.

2. Gifts for girls

Are you sure you are wondering, “what gift should I get for a girl?” 

You already know that girls are not easily satisfied, and when you reach the age of 18, you have to strive to show her that she is unique with a tailor-made gift.

It is already on the women’s side, so choose make-up, care, or jewelry products, something to feel spoiled and more mature, or opt for unique gifts.

What gifts to give to your beloved girlfriend

We know, bridesmaid gifts are just as tricky as any other EA gift. 

But everything can become a little easier if you take into account her passions, the “to-do list” that she has been completing for some time, but also if you don’t forget to show her that you appreciate her.

Retro writing sets, to follow his passion

Writing tools can be an invaluable gift for a writing enthusiast. 

Choose a vintage set with feather, to arrange the words on the sheet in a royal style, or opt for a set with modern heels and pens, outlined by elegance.

A necklace, to show her that she is precious

Every girl and woman loves jewelry, no matter the style of dress.

And your lover will feel very relieved if you received a precious necklace or one in a more hippie style, depending on her preferences.

He will put it around his neck and proudly display it in all the pictures.

Medieval journals for “new life” plans

The girls are very organized, so an old journal will be the perfect gift to raise for your girlfriend! It will help her to put her ideas on paper, and so they will be easier to reach.

He will continually thank you for supporting him in achieving his wishes.


Travel bag.

A getaway with her best friends, including yourself and her, is what she has wanted for a few years, but since she was not yet a major, she could not implement her plan.

Now that she’s finally 18, take it by the wayside and explore the country you dream of reaching. To be fully prepared, give her a travel bag, which will be very useful to her.

A symbolic key port


If you are old friends, choose a symbolic gift to remind them of your friendship and the fact that you believe in his aspirations.

A principal port can be a symbolic accessory, but also very friendly, which will bring it to you every time you see it.

Opt for a model with your favorite instrument, if you know she is passionate about music, funny figures or something more sensitive, a model with encouraging messages like “Live your dreams” or “Carpe diem.”

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