August 14, 2020
15th Anniversary Gifts For Him

15th Anniversary Gifts For Him & Her : The Ultimate Guide

15th Anniversary Gifts For Him


Crystal weddings are one of the most special anniversaries in the life of a couple who has married. 

Therefore, here we want to offer 15th anniversary gifts for him ideas and suggestions to turn this day into a succession of unforgettable moments that recall the love and commitment of the couple.

Crystal weddings celebrate when a couple has completed fifteen years of marriage, which is a very symbolic date that should not miss.

At this point, the marriage has already formed its own family, and they have behind them a coexistence. 

That deserves to be celebrated in style, either alone or with friends and family.

Surely the couple has overcome many critical moments to get here demonstrating the maturity of their relationship and continue to enjoy their love as always. 

The relationship has strengthened, and the marriage knows that they will be able to move forward, surpassing everything that lies ahead.

15th wedding anniversary ideas


It is customary that, on each anniversary, the marriage exchange gifts that manufacture with the material that symbolizes each year.

In this case, we talk about crystal weddings, so these gifts must make, or at least contain crystal.

1. Glassblower

No, it is not about learning but to give away a piece of glass chosen personally, and a glassblower has manufactured that.

It is a unique and personal detail that can be loaded with a significant meaning if you know how to choose the shape of that piece.

2. Cups

Glasses of beautiful cut glass and perhaps with the engraved names are an appropriate and extraordinary gift for this anniversary.

The couple can use them to provide that same night after the celebrations of the day, thus granting them a meaning that only they will know.

3. Glass photo frame

Glass is a material with many possibilities and is also used to create elegant and delicate photo frames in which to put a wedding photo.

A current photo of the couple or collage with best pictures of the last fifteen years as away as a reminder of the path they already traveled together.

4. Snowball

Everyone likes snowballs and lose sight of the flakes that flutter inside as if it were something magical.

In several Internet sites, you can buy personalized snowballs in which you can include a photo of the couple inside.

5. Swarovski jewelry

A classic that never fails and that if you know how to choose with your heart and thinking about the meaning of crystal, weddings can become a special and unique gift: earrings, a pendant, a bracelet, a brooch.

There is a lot to choose from for Find the perfect motive.

15th wedding anniversary color

Perhaps the best-known anniversary colors are those that assign to the maturity years, a marriage that has lasted 20 years or more carries a little more meaning than a younger marriage and therefore is more likely to be celebrated.

The 20-year marriage is represented by white or emerald green, while the 25-year marriage is associated with silver, a color that can also use for a ten or 23rd anniversary.

At 30, couples wear green; at 40, ruby ​​red, while at 50, gold is the associated color. 

If couples reach 75, they can wear a white diamond.

1. Precious stones

Also, to a hue of color, many years of anniversary are associated with a particular type of gemstone very nature has a color.

These precious stones can be provided by a person to their partner as a gift on the anniversary day. 

A freshwater pearl use for a first wedding anniversary, which is usually found in a variety of pastel colors, while for 10 years of marriage, a black onyx is the representative gemstone.

At age 20 they are associated with the emerald, while the metal used at 25 years of marriage is sterling silver, which corresponds to the color associated with this special anniversary.

2. How to express

Anniversary colors are not limited to gifts that the couple buys from each other on the same day; these colors can also express through decorations at a celebration event.

For example, the couple could make arrangements for balloons and table decorations at an anniversary party so that they are around shades of color, while invitations to the event could follow in their footsteps.



15th Anniversary Gifts For Him It is usual to be left without inspiration or to block yourself in moments of high emotion. To prevent this from happening on a particular day such as the fifteenth wedding anniversary, we have prepared some phrases to say so that nothing will cloud it.

  1. Today I want to celebrate because we have everything. That I love you is something that you love me is something else, but that we both love each other. That, that is to have it all. Happy 15 years of marriage!
  2. Because my eyes and soul dance when I see you; because we count the minutes to see each other again after each farewell. For that and much more, our crystal union will turn to steel and will expire in time. We are love, and we will always love each other.

CRYSTAL Anniversary phrases

  1. Crystal weddings symbolize the purity of feelings and bright ideas. So I wish you pleased 15 years of marriage, honey, because I love you with all my heart!
  2. It may be too much vanity, but today I want to congratulate myself because, although wisdom comes with time,
  3. 15 years ago I made the best decision of my life: YOU
  4. I can’t stop loving because when love is right, it’s the best thing in the world. When a relationship is right, even if nothing in your life is going well, you feel that your world is complete.
  5. The most difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality and must live with a character. But if you get momentum to get to know each other, happiness is attainable.

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