May 30, 2020
11 year Anniversary Gift

Top 10 Best Steel & 11 year Anniversary Gift : The Ultimate Guide

11 year Anniversary Gift


11 year Anniversary Gift Steel weddings celebrate when the marriage has turned eleven years since they said: “yes, I want.”

Although it may not be an impressive number, it is always a particular reason to celebrate another year that the couple shares by traveling together with the path they chose.


  • The anniversary of steel weddings celebrates on the day when a married couple turns eleven years of marriage. 

It symbolizes that the first ten years of marriage have successful passed, and that is why it is related to steel since it is a material that is characterized by its hardness and strength.

The cable that has kept the marriage together has become virtually unbreakable if it ever was not, and now the couple can be sure that nothing can destroy their relationship so quickly.

This anniversary characterizes by strength, permanence, and durability.

11th wedding anniversary gifts for him

11th wedding anniversary gifts for him
11th wedding anniversary gifts for him

Celebrate this 11th wedding anniversary, and the couple can exchange gifts containing steel in their composition to symbolize the unique, strength, and endurance of their marriage.

Here we offer some ideas to put the special touch in this particular moment.

1. Rings for him


There is nothing more symbolic than exchanging steel rings to represent the durability of the relationship.

To personalize them, you can record with the couple’s names and the date of the link or the anniversary itself.

2. Tie pin


The tie pins made of steel are a unique and elegant touch that, also, can be recorded in a discreet but firm way as a reminder of the anniversary.

3. Bracelet


Although steel may seem too coarse material, exquisite and delicate objects are made with it, such as a bracelet to wear at particular times.


4. Horseshoe


It may seem like an unusual gift, but a steel horseshoe that hangs somewhere in the house becomes the symbol of the force that unites the couple.

Like other gifts, it can be recorded or inscribed with names, dates, or some particular phrase.

5. Tea or coffee set for two


In the market, there are beautiful tea or coffee sets made of steel that can use for special moments. 

It can be released that same day with a special snack alone or to drink coffee after eating.

The cups could be engraved with each other’s names so that they become unique objects for the couple.

11th anniversary celebration ideas

11th anniversary celebration ideas
11th anniversary celebration ideas

To commemorate steel weddings, that is, eleven years of marriage, you can use decorative touches in the home that symbolize the strength and stability that the couple has achieved.

If you are going to celebrate a special meal or dinner, you can use steel chandeliers, and there are even bright, smooth, and delicate steel tableware that also give a great sense of elegance.

You can also place steel napkin rings as well as candle holders or centerpieces with flowers. 

Besides, you can use the tea or coffee set for two that we have mentioned in the previous section.

But not only objects made of steel can be used, but this material can also be present with its color.

The tablecloth or curtains can be placed in steel color to continue remembering the qualities of this metal applied to marriage. The couple can also wear clothes or accessories of steel color.

On the other hand, the couple may decide to make an individual plan for that day. Some ideas are:

1. Romantic dinner at home


Having celebrated the tenth anniversary the previous year, maybe the couple already celebrated it by going to a particular restaurant for lunch and dinner.

So in the eleventh year, they could stay home, and even prepare dinner together, set the table, choose music in the background.

Intimacy and cooperation can become the perfect allies for dinner to be great.

2. Spa day


At this point in marriage, both may so immerse in routine, and they have forgotten to dedicate a little time to themselves.

Steel weddings can be the ideal occasion to spend a day in a spa as a couple receiving massages, relaxing in the hot tub, and recovering energy.

3. Theater afternoon


And we say theater, not cinema, because it’s about being original and doing something unique and, in general, people tend to go more to the cinema than to the theater.

If it is the case of the couple, they can buy tickets for a show of the taste of both.

Put icing with dinner before or after in which able to converse with tranquility and recover the complicity.

11 year anniversary material


11 Years Married, Eleventh Anniversary: ​​Steel Weddings


This is 11 year Anniversary Gift is called Steel Weddings. A tough metal that shows us how our relationship is.

After ten years together, eleven is one more to continue adding days of love in the best company. 

Steel is versatile and adaptable, like you, who have learned to adapt to each other. And also stainless, like your union that no longer rusts for anything or anyone.

The 11 year is also the First Master Number and, in love, this charismatic number has a huge load of self-confidence that helps you succeed in everything you want.

In this case, the desire to achieve happiness.

And as it is an anniversary of the beginning of a second decade, why don’t we celebrate it specially and originally? 

Why do it just one day, If we can celebrate it for a whole week? 

It is a way to reward you for your generosity towards each other.

Like 11 years, you are “two equals.” And give away some alliances again! And why not steel?


11 year wedding anniversary sayings

few of saying for the 11 year wedding anniversary. 

The profession is the backbone of life. 

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

The talent works that creates genius. 

(Robert Schumann)

Happy, who has recognized his profession. He does not ask for any other luck. 

(Thomas Carlyle)

The best store is still the one where the owner stands. 

(Franz Carl Weber)

Opening a business is easy. It’s hard to keep it open. 

(Chien saying)

Choose a work that you love, and you do not need to work more in your life every day.


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